Boxing 2017: How to become a boxer

The characteristics, the life, the routine, the excitement. Blood?

We all have different definitions of all these things and their scales fluctuate all the time. We never choose a sport to love when we are growing up, it chooses us. Somehow. We begin to watch it more, we tend to play it more than other and we start to hang out with the friends who like this sport better than others. So where does boxing fits?

From childhood brawls in play grounds to actually getting membership in a boxing club or gym is a big deal.  Besides, skill and ability are two very separate attributes. When you decide that you want to box, you have to change a lot of things from your routine. You have to change the ego inside you to match yourself in the ring. Otherwise you won’t be able to work around yourself and win. Winning is a farfetched concept at this point. First, you need to recognize what you need to do in order to wear gloves and create something of that passion inside your fists.

You have to channel your energy through your boxing gloves.

Ever watched someone use the bag, work the pads, shadow box etc. and think that maybe he trained or learned all that from his coach. Maybe both. Boxing is tough. It is not every athlete’s piece of cake. How tough do you think you can handle, depends on your stamina and your skill. Spending days and days on a punching bag doesn’t mean you would be able to replicate those exact skills in the ring.

Being an amateur boxer is very demanding when it comes to your physical strain. Basic starting routines include running for at least 3-5 miles without getting tired, using a skipping rope to train your legs for more than 30 minutes straight, punch the lights of a punching bag for around 15 minutes and to actually spend time in a boxing ring with your boxing gloves on and going rounds with other amateur boxers.

It’s not impossible.

This above mentioned routine didn’t say anything about the number of hours you need to train or change in diet. You would know what your body requires in order to gain all the levels of expertise. People need training hours, trainers, special exercises, diet plans and they all depend on YOUR attributes.

But, for every sports, you need to have fun first. That is how you learn. Fail at it, hurt yourself, drain yourself and when you feel like you are done and this isn’t your sport, you have to build yourself up again to fight. That is what boxing is for. It doesn’t matter if you are throwing 50 punches or 200, as long as they are making you better at fighting. Skill will come by time and boxing is all about utilizing your skill at a proper time in the boxing ring.