The next heavyweight champion

The weigh-ins are due today and the air about it is absolutely terrifying. Two of the scariest heavyweights of the boxing world today square off in a final stare-down as they step-up to the weighing scales one last time before their much anticipated Heavyweight Championship show down.

Who will be crowned king of the Heavyweight Division at the sold-out London O2 Arena and take IBF Gold home? Will Heavyweight Titan and Champion Charles Martin continue his reign, or will the ‘Giant’, Anthony Joshua continue his 100% KO and win rate and become the new IBF Champ?

Going in as the crowd and betting favourite, RDX Sport’s Brand Ambassador and Heavyweight Giant, Anthony Joshua is set to face the biggest challenge of his life against the dangerous American Charles ‘The Prince’ Martin. Here’s an in-depth analysis of what to expect.

Obviously we’re cheering for our guy but we wish nothing but the best for Martin, because come tomorrow, he’ll be in severe need of it.

Anthony Joshua


Charles Martin

Charles Martin

Titles: British Commonwealth and WBA Heavyweight Champion Titles: IBF Heavyweight Champion
15 Fights (15 KOS). 15 wins. 0 losses. 100% KO rate. 24 fights (21 KOS). 23 wins. 0 losses. 1 draw. 88% KO rate.
Age: 26 Age: 29
Fighting Stance: Orthodox – Fighter.


Fighting Stance: South-Paw –



Height: 6’6 Height: 6’5
Weight: Heavyweight (245 LBS) Weight: Heavyweight (249 LBS)
Reach: 82 Inches Reach: 80 Inches
Best Punch: Jab Best Punch: Right Body-Hook
Punching Power: AJ possesses genuine KO power in both hands. Has KO’d boxers that have never been KO’d before. Some say the jab alone will do the job. Punching Power: Possesses genuine KO power in both hands. Throws bombs from wide, unconventional angles. South-paw advantage creates great angles for him.
Favourite Combo: Jab Straight followed with a over-hand right or upper-cut Favourite Combo: Right upper-cut followed by left cross
Jab: AJ has a quick and powerful jab. Jab: Charles’s jab snaps like a piston from his south-paw stance
Body Shots: Not known to work body. Prefers headhunting. Body Shots: Throws devastating uppercuts and hooks to body.
Chin: We haven’t seen much of AJ’s chin, but it was tested against Dillian Whyte when he was rocked in the second round only to recuperate and win by the 7th. Chin: Charles Martin chin has not been tested on T.V so far. But his demeanor, experience and boxing background indicates he can handle a punch with ease.
Stamina: AJ has never gone beyond 7 rounds, but in the longest fight of his career he seemed fresh and full of energy by 7th round. Experts say his large muscular frame might tire easily, as big lean muscles require more oxygen for up-keep. Stamina: Tried and tested. Charles Martin’s gas tank has stood the test of 10 – 12 rounds on multiple occasions. Agile with less muscle tone meaning his power requires less oxygen compared to a lean body type.
Speed: AJ is athletic and agile. Can move surprisingly fast for a heavyweight. Speed: Charles Martin lacks in the speed department but throws quick hooks. Typical heavyweight speed.
Ring Intelligence: AJ is a new breed of heavyweight. Fast, powerful and young. Managed to re-asses position when rocked against Dylon Whyte and came back to win via KO in 7th. Ring Intelligence: Compared to old breed of boxing heavyweights. Tons of experience, older amateur boxing record, and know how to use his south-paw style to beat conventional orthodox boxers.
Keys to Victory: Putting the onslaught on Charles early in the fight. Will look to use speed and athleticism to advantage. Must not box with Martin. Keys to Victory: Endurance, experience and patience. If Charles can weather the early

storm of AJ’s power, his gas tank could be winning factor in fight.


Notable Victories: KO’d – Dylon Whyte. Notable Victories: Victory over Czar Glazkov after match had to be stopped due to injury.
Possible Future Matchups: Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and David Haye Possible Future Matchups: Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder
What Past Opponents say about AJ’s power:

·         “I got a broken eye socket,” 1st round demolition via powerful uppercut at the Wembley Stadium two years ago. Matt Legg. Hasn’t returned since.

·         “I’ve been in with the biggest lads in Europe, but Joshua’s power is horrible – if he hits you, you’re gone, simple as that. It’s sickening” – Paul Butlin: 2nd round referee stoppage after two rounds in the ring with AJ.

·         “The funny thing is that it’s not so much about power – Joshua is very accurate,” Matt Skelton: was sent crashing into canvass the 2nd round.



What Past Opponents Say about Charles Martin:







*Chirping Crickets

What Pro Boxers have to say:

“He’s got a great skill set and he’s very strong and powerful – he can knock you out with his jab.His jab alone will cause trouble for Charles Martin. I think when he gets tagged in the first two or three rounds, he’s going to realize that power.” – DEREK CHISORA.



What Pro Boxers have to say:
“If I had to put my money on it, I’d say Charles Martin stops Joshua as he’s a 6ft 5in punching southpaw with combinations, who’s not afraid of people just because they’ve got muscles.” – TYSON FURY. 
What Anthony says about Charles: “His [Charles Martin] record proves that he’s powerful but he’s up against something he’s never been in the ring against,”


What Charles says about Anthony: “”Charles Martin will knock out Anthony Joshua.”


Betting Odds: 1/6 Betting Odds: 4/1

 Tune in this Saturday and watch this heavyweight showdown and witness a crowning of a new champ, or  the remaining of the current. Watch it live on Sky Sports this Saturday as the event kicks off at 6 PM!

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