Who’s the Pound-for-Pound Baddest Man on The Planet Today?

Top 5 List of Pound-For-Pound Boxers in the World

The retirement of Floyd Mayweather Jr. (49-0, 26 KOs) left a big question mark as to WHO can take his place for the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

Many names are being mentioned – Sergey Kovalev, Keith Thurman, Andre Ward, Victor Postol, Tyson Fury, and Deontay Wilder, the list goes on. But, if there is a fighter who truly deserves to be mentioned in the same class as ‘Money’ Mayweather, it is Gennady Golovkin.

Let’s analyze these pugilists to find out why they are in the top 5 list:

  1. Gennady Golovkin (34-0, 31 KOs)

The 33-year-old boxing legend from Kazakhstan is regarded as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world today, dominating his weight-class and the boxing world. GGG is currently undefeated and holds WBA, IBF, IBO, and Interim WBC middleweight championship belts. His record speaks for itself with a whopping 31 knockouts in 34 fights, knocking out 21 consecutive opponents – that, is impressive. It’s a MUCH better knockout record as compared to the ‘self-proclaimed greatest of all time’ and unlike Mayweather, GGG looks to fight the best of the best, instead of picking easy opponents to remain unbeaten.

  1. Sergey Kovalev (30-0, 26 KOs)

One of the most feared boxers in the light heavyweight decision. The 32 year old powerhouse is known for his devastating punching power that enabled him to unify WBO, IBF, WBA, and WBC Diamond light heavyweight champion. The Russian was also awarded the title ‘Fighter of the Year’ in 2014. These are the accolades of a fighter deserving of the no.2 spot.

  1. Keith Thurman (26-0, 22 KOs)

The 27-year-old American boxer is the current WBA welterweight champion known for his incredible punching power and reading of the game. Popular among fans for brash bravery, he is known to face the toughest of competitions in his division. A title fight victory on March 12th over Shawn Porter could set him up for a unification bout against WBC Champ, Danny Garcia – making it a fight of two undefeated fighters.

  1. Tyson Fury (24-0 18 KOs)

The 27-year-old from Manchester, England shocked the world by defeating the long standing unanimous heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko rather easily, to become the new WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO champion. Few days later, Fury was stripped off his IBF title unjustifiably because he had a rematch clause to fight Klitschko first. If Fury manages to retain his titles after the rematch, then he will be all set to face Deontay Wilder for the heavyweight unification fight.

  1. Deontay Wilder (36-0, 35 KOs)

35 KOS in 36 fights. That’s almost a 100% KO rate. The feared 30-year-old American heavyweight has sent ripples through the boxing world with his incredible power and KO wins. The undefeated WBC Champ has got an explosive style of boxing with a powerful right hand that has never failed to put his opponents away. All it takes is a single punch.