Advantages of Skipping Rope in your Workout Routine!

Skipping ropes workout is considered to be one of the best cardio workout by fitness experts and athletes. It is the best way to condition your body by burning a lot of calories quickly. Jumping ropes is also a fun way to exercise and proves to yield much better results than doing cardio on a machine. This exercise is very inexpensive, as you only need to spend on a skipping rope, which comes at a very cheap cost. You can even get a skipping rope on sale from various sports websites.

Before we get to the benefits of skipping ropes, let’s understand how it’s done.

Single Unders

While holding the jump rope in both hands, swing it in front and jump over when the rope comes down towards the feet.

High Knee Workout

This workout is done in the similar fashion but the only difference is that you perform it with alternate feet. In every swing you will use different leg while bringing you knee towards your chest.

Double Unders

This workout is a bit advanced and also little difficult for a beginner. Instead of a single jump for every swing, you have to jump twice. Don’t worry if you are unable to do it at first but with practice you will get this done.

You can add different variations and repetitions to your skipping routine. You can jump for 50 counts straight and then take rest for 10 seconds, start again and repeat the process for 3 sets.

Let us now explore a few benefits of a skipping rope and why you should incorporate it in your daily workout/fitness routine.

Burns Calories

Jumping ropes is one of the best exercises for burning calories quickly. Even a 10 minute workout can work wonders for you if done properly and regularly. Just add variations and mix up with the reps so your mind and body do not get used to it.

Can Be Done Anywhere

Skipping ropes is one of those exercises which do not require much space. It can be done wherever you feel comfortable.

Helps with Your Balance and Coordination

Skipping ropes can help you with body balance and coordination. You need to have good hand and eye coordination in order to perform skipping. The quick shifts from jumping to taking the rope back in the jumping stance, you need to be very vigilant and quick.

Relieves Stress

Jumping ropes is a great way to relieve stress. If you are feeling stressed with work, a 5 minute workout will make you feel so much better. Sweat the stress out and enjoy the rest of your day.

Good for heart

Skipping ropes is one of the best exercises for your heart. It not only strengthens you heart muscles but also develops stamina. Helps you combat heart diseases as it plays with your heart rate. Fluctuation of heart rate while working out it very important. You cannot workout at the same pace every time. One moment your heart needs to rest and the next moment it needs to race fast so as to help you achieve the desired number of repetitions.