Keep Your Flame Ignited With These Winter Workout Tips

As the days continue to shorten, here are few ways that will keep your flame ignited this winter.

Don’t feel the drive to hit the gym? Does your gym seem very far away that you end up staying inside your bed? Do you think you have been missing out the burn this winter?

Not anymore. This winter, make most of the short hours and the chilling cold with these winter workout tips that will keep you prepped up inside and out. Whether you are looking to achieve your ideal body for the festival season or trying to stick to your fitness goals, following tips would enable you to get the much-needed motivation that you are looking for.

Put Yourself In A Challenge

You don’t have to commit to summer challenges only to get your desired body. There are plenty of winter workout activities going on from which you can choose and keep committed to your fitness goals even in the dark months. Having a challenge to look up to can help you form a routine and then stick to it. Regardless of what your fitness goals are, you can find out any fitness event that suits you and then stick to it religiously.

Tap Into The Power Of Social

While you might enjoy working out on your own during those sweaty months, it’s always good idea to have some company during those short, gloomy winter months. Surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people will not only give you motivation to workout but will also give make your regime turn into a fun-filled activity. Invite your best buddy or get yourself enrolled for group classes. Organizers like Parkrun arrange 500km free runs in different locations so that people with similar fitness preferences can come together and stay healthy. This allows you to socialize with people while realizing your fitness goals.

Dress Up For The Occasion

According to British guidebook writer Alfred Wainwright, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

Gloves, base-layer clothes, hats and headbands are all important apparel to keep you cozy despite the dropping mercury outside. It is important to keep your visibility intact while performing winter workout outdoors in the dark. With your motivation intact, it won’t be long before you start feeling the heat inside out.

Be Creative

Add more colour to the dark evenings by opting for a varied workout. You don’t have to stick a single routine. Instead consider experimenting with different workouts. This will let you figure out which movements work best for you, while keeping the routine enjoyable.

According to a research conducted by University of Florida on 114 men and women, participants who performed the same workout (three or more times) in a week were quicker to quit than those who performed different exercises. The people who added variety to their exercise routine found it to be more enjoyable.

Experiment Working Out Indoor

Have you been procrastinating to head out in the chilly cold for your gym? Now is the time to relish on indoor workouts. If your idea of home workouts is performing complex aerobic moves, you need to re-consider your approach. With DVDs, online classes, videos and podcasts, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. You can also tailor a mix of indoor and outdoor exercises to maximize the results.

Treat Yourself

You have done your best with winter workout, and it is time to pause and sit back. Rest is very important for the recovery of strained muscles and helps in their growth. According to a study carried out by Michigan State University, athletes who do not take ample rest experience fluctuations in their hormone levels, multiplying the level of cortisol level in the body and retarding the growth hormone. So whether it is some hot, steamy drink that you want to sip on or soothe your ached body with a relaxing massage, treating yourself might the secret key to your muscle growth, during those chilly days.