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10 Years of Absolute Dominance – Will Dr. Steel Hammer has something to prove

27 years of youth and energy versus 41 years of experience and strategy. The Boxing world is in awe of possibly the biggest fight in boxing history being held at the Wembley Stadium on April 29th, London. With a record live audience of 90,000 people, millions across the globe will witness the fight of two boxing kings for one throne. Two ferocious Boxers fighting for ultimate bragging rights. To etch their names in the halls of time, as legends amongst legends.


Born on 25th March 1976, This Ukrainian boxing giant started his journey from the fights in Poland’s boxing club and then fighting for the Gold medal in Italy. He made waves across the globe when he fought and defeated Paea Wolfgramm in 1996 Olympics and won the title of ‘Dr. Steelhammer’ and the Superweight gold medal. After that, he went on to fight for major boxing promotions to win titles and fights including WBO, IBF, IBO and WBA etc.

One of his most anticipated fights was with David Haye in 2009 from which Haye backed out because of a back injury. And later in 2011, the fight happened after a heavyweight unification fight for the WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO and The Ring in Germany. He won. Not just that, in that time period, him and his brother Vitali became the only pair of brothers to hold all the heavyweight titles simultaneously.

Boxing fans went crazy when the fight between Klitschko and Tyson Fury was announced. Tyson won and that left a huge scar on Klitschko’s reigning era in which he was the undefeated king of boxing. This happened after 10 years of continuous wins and this defeat meant the end of the ‘Klitschko Era’.


Now, he is obsessed with bringing his titles back to him after he defeats Anthony Joshua. After the fight was announced, Joshua is persistent that he will not lose, Klitschko is determined that this fight will return back to him, all his glory with all the crowns. Without a doubt in his mind, his obsession and belief in his own skills, at this age, leads him to believe that he CAN defeat the current Heavyweight Champion through the power of experience and strategy. Joshua is on an 18 fight win streak and no losses, all by knockouts, and he intends to continue it by defeating the obsessed ‘Steel Hammer’. It’s a battle of Wisdom vs Talent.

The question Wladimir’s fans are asking: does he still possess the same skill-set that made him king of the HW division for a decade? Or after losing to Tyson back in 2015, is defeat still lingering over his head?

According to Eddie Hearn, over 80,000 tickets are already sold which is a new box office record and he has already put in the request for 5000 more tickets. Klitschko’s trainer is working day and night to make sure all his hard work doesn’t go awry. He knows that losing a fight after 10 years means a huge emotional scar in a fighter’s mind and that is what he aims to get rid of. He does consider Joshua as a difficult opponent but this is why they are training so much, so they can combine muscle and brain to defeat the current champion.

The record statistics are very different.

The Numbers

Klitschko has won 64 fights while Joshua has won just 18. Former has knocked out 53 opponents while Joshua knocked out 18 out of 18 opponents. These are BOTH huge statements.

In his latest interview, he has told his fans that he will be the ‘hunter’ as he will be hunting to get back his lost titles while being the underdog. He says:

“I have nothing to defend so I need to bounce back and be the hunter. Joshua has the title and it’s something I will need to get. It will be a totally different attitude. I will not hold myself back. I think I’ve been very, very fortunate with having Joshua as my opponent. For the first time in a long time, I’m an underdog. He’s either great, or I’m still great. The question marks on both fighters make this a fight for the fans.”

Klitschko has one goal on his mind: To rule the ring again. Fans are hoping to see him win to fulfill the sense of familiarity and legend praise over everything new because a legend is a legend. According to his fans, he is the most dangerous 40-year-old on the planet and with his mind and body aligned, he can win any fight.

Trash talk is considered to be the fight before the fight but so far, we have heard no harsh comments from both. Peace before the storm, one of them will get frustrated and then, fans will have gossip other than hopes and dreams. This mental game is keeping both fighters on their toes.


While this fight is going to be the most watched fight in the history of boxing, you can catch the updates, expert views and predictions on our Facebook page at ‘Moody’s Fight Corner’ (look out for giveaways on the right prediction!).

“I could promise you anything I like. Promise to do whatever everybody wants to hear. But it doesn’t mean anything. Not at the moment. I have a clear vision of how the fight will go. But only the facts will tell on April 29. Then everyone will see the truth for themselves. So I am writing my prediction and sealing it an envelope to be opened after the fight.”

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