Yoga Poses To Avoid Post-Workout Fatigue

It’s Friday night and you have pushed yourself to engage in a hardcore workout. After draining your energy reserves for nearly 2 hours, you are now ready to hit the couch with a sore body. Ah, that soreness which probably won’t let you relish the comfort of your bed.

You can make your aching body relax by engaging into few moves of yoga. More Workout? Not really. These yoga poses will help you relax your tensed muscles helping you with a sweet night’s sleep.

Leg-Wide Forward Bend

Ideal for removing soreness from your legs and lower back, this yoga move makes it easier for you to walk and move after a demanding workout. Stand straight and then extend your feet as far as you can without losing balance. Bend forward in manner that your hands are placed on the ground and the head lies just above.

King Lizard

It is an important move that targets the most significant muscles used in performing intensity exercises, the quads and hip flexors and is useful for soothing their soreness. Squat down on the floor extending one of your legs backward, and then twisting it at the knee in such a manner that the lower leg is perpendicular to the floor. Hold the foot of the leg pointing towards the ceiling with the hand of the same side, while placing the other hand on the knee. Stay in this position for some time and then switch side.

Suitable for stressed glutes, you can perform this move by sitting on the floor, legs crossed. Move one leg behind your back extending it to its full length, while the other leg remains in front of you curved. Keep your body balanced on the floor with your hands on sides of your hips, fingertips touching the floor. Slowly move the body forward towards the ground, until your head touches the floor and the hands are extended to full length. Remain in this position for few minutes and then perform the same move by switching your legs.

This yoga pose is performed to soothe aching muscles of the back, shoulders and legs.
Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Raise your hands above your head and start bringing them down in manner that your hands are extended and touching the ground as your legs and arms appear in the form of an inverted V.

Seated Forward Fold

Whenever our muscles get overworked, the body turns to the lower back for additional support. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your lower back. Once you have formed this pose, focus on your lower back first and then try stretching your hamstrings to relieve the soreness.
Sit down on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Bend down reaching for your toes with your hand until your head touches your thighs.