Your ultimate Guide to Boxing Punch Bags

Boxing punch bags are usually cylindrical shaped and approximately forty inches in height. Punching bags are constructed of either top grain leather, heavy canvas or vinyl. The interior of the bag is generally filled with some type of cotton fiber or other material. A boxing punch bag is the single most important piece of training equipment used for boxing, MMA and many styles of karate. There are usually six types of bags, all having distinct features but used for the same purpose.

  1. Professional Punch Bag

An ordinary punching bag tears under fluctuating temperatures or after absorbing a few good blows from a boxer. Professional punch bags are used for training purposes as well as for workouts. It is necessary that you buy a bag which can sustain power blows and high impact punches. To do so you need to have a bag that is made of premium quality products and is long lasting. Considering all the characteristics, the new Rdx T17 AURA Punch Bag is a perfect example of how a professional punch bag should be. The Kalix Skin Combat leather absorbs your blows like no other. Twin Jacket layering allows you to deliver a barrage of blows without the bag tearing or showing any signs of damage. Comes in two sizes with 4ft or 5ft lengths.RDX T17 Punch Bag

  1. Maize Punch Bag

Maize punch bags are small hanging punch bags specifically used for training and perfecting your head movements. They are the perfect boxing equipment for building up defense moves and occupy less space. The maize punch bag is filled with fake granules that make the bag heavy and help you develop endurance and strength. A perfect maize bag needs to have the following characteristics.

  • Handmade and stitched to perfection in terms of size and weight.
  • Leather finish, preferably Maya Hide leather which is durable and lasts longer.
  • Strong grip with the chains that supports the bag while hanging.

Looking at all the characteristics, RDX’s MR Maize Punch Bag matches the qualities perfectly. Hand stitched to perfection, the maize punch is locked inside Maya Hide leather and serves the purpose well.RDX Maize Punch Bag

  1. Standing Punch Bags

Standing punch bags are best for kicking workouts and all round training. They are best for kicking workouts since the base is filled with sand or water to make it easier for the bag to be dragged around the gym/home. The weight at the end allows the bag to be sturdy and lets you kick with force easily. Standing punch bags are also ideal for punching, they provide a solid, all round exercise and are great for beginners and professionals alike and great for home use when a bag cannot be hung from the ceiling or walls. There are standing punch bags that provide support and are perfect for short term use, but RDX provides a standing punch bag which is not only robust but durable as well. Its 5.6 ft tall punch dummy/bob is just what you need to replicate the human body practically. High strength patented Maya Hide leather is hand crafted to protect the shock-absorbent interior.RDX B1 Free Standing Punch Bag

  1. Curved Punch Bag

Curved punch bags are designed for working on the precision, power and technique of your kicks with a partner or the trainer. The curved design of the punch bag helps prevent serious injuries and supports the impact of the blow. With curved punch bags you can also work on your elbow, knee and footwork.

  1. Speed Bags

Speed bags workouts are one of the best and most fun workouts one can ever learn. A small punching bag hung from the roof/wall to your eye level. The boxer usually punches the bag from the front using his/her fists. Providing the fists with perfect opportunity to improve the speed and endurance. The rapid hits allow the boxer to perfect the stamina and speed. A speed bag is an ideal investment for trainees and professionals as it allows the boxer to practice rapid movements. An appropriate speed bag should be stubborn enough to sustain the blows and come back with the same force as it his hit upon. The exterior of the bag should be locked with premium quality leather like RDX’s 1U Leather Boxing Training Speed Bag which is a perfect composition of hand stitched cowhide leather, which is extremely durable and unbreakable.RDX 1U Leather Speed Bag


  1. Double End Bags

The double end bag, also known as the floor-to-ceiling bag, is a small, circular bag connected on both ends of the floor and ceiling by an elastic cord. It is primarily used to improve rhythm, timing, and accuracy more so than technique. It gives fighters the opportunity to experiment by throwing any kind of punch. Moreover the Double End Bags allow the boxer to improve accuracy and movement as well. The bag comes in different sizes i.e. 37 to 43cm in radius. To have an ultimate punching experience, one must look for a genuine leather double end bag that provides stability when connected at both ends and is locked in genuine robust leather. Such are the qualities of RDX B2 Boxing Double End Bag that comes in different colors and sizes.RDX B2 Boxing Double End Bag

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