You carry your health with you your entire life. Investing in health and fitness is the key to long and healthy life. Gym does not only make you physically fit but also improves your mental and emotional health. If you are a gym freak or want to upgrade your home workout setup, a gym owner or want to start your gym business, invest in the right and affordable gym equipment.

Choosing the right gym equipment helps in achieving your fitness goals faster and takes your gym business to the next level. Here we list down the important gym equipment that you need in your home gym for making your workouts enjoyable and in professional gyms to make your clients coming back to gym every day.

RDX F5 Weight Lifting Gym Gloves

Gym Gloves

Give yourself a little support and inspiration as you tighten your grip and level up your lifting game. Gym gloves, the basic workout accessory provides primary support while using free weights or barbell rods.

The RDX leather and nylon dotted gym gloves boosts your bodybuilding and workout experience while offering you a comfortable fit with high quality design. Their uniqueness lies in specially designed rubber grip that provides safety that you need during the weightlifting and vigorous work out sessions.

Wrist Wraps

Quality is key when it comes to wrist wraps, since top-notch materials will survive the hardest of workouts and provide ultimate support. Many weightlifters look for wrist wraps to help them lift more, increase the duration of their workouts, and reduce wrist fatigue.

If you are ready to ramp up your lifting routine, try the RDX wrist wraps. Ultra-strong elastic combined with soft cotton and polyester to produce a safe, feel-good fit. They are extra wide and feature double stitching for resilience as well as a reinforced thumb loop to keep them in place while lifting.

Gym Belts

A belt is the main piece of equipment in weightlifting and powerlifting which is vital to support your back when lifting.  When it comes to weightlifting, your belt should be supportive, sturdy and comfortable so that it can fit in your active lifestyle and become a part of your workout routine.

The RDX gym belt possesses high-quality fabrics and leathers that come together to bring you a durable and most comfortable experience. These are superior in design that reduces the injury risks and are highly affordable and tailor-made for gym goers and weekend warriors alike.

Weighted Vests

The ultimate body armor. A weighted vest is a fitness apparatus, simply a vest which is made of solid material that has small pockets around it where you can slip in small sand bags, tiny steel bars, and other small weights. A weighted vest is designed to add an extra level of intensity to any workout.

RDX’s high tech running weighted vest will transform your cardio training and improve muscle building to a new level. Designed with a wraparound hook & loop belt, it’s very easy to use. It is  lined with a moisture repelling layer that will help you stay dry even when you’re working up a sweat. The adjustable weight design allows you to reduce or increase the amount of weight in your workouts giving you full control over your workout from start to finish.

Skipping Ropes

An effective addition to your workout equipment, set to tone muscles and boost your stamina with a big impact. We find various skipping ropes to lose weight, burn calories, build muscle, flatten the tummy and for over all fitness.  A must-have in every gym bag, skipping ropes are very popular with CrossFit and X-Fit style training.

RDX’s skipping ropes combine leather and metal ropes with weight & rope adjustability options. Great for cardio, losing weight and building endurance, RDX’s skipping rope is the fastest, smoothest speed rope on this planet. Go double unders or whip crossovers while skipping your way to great health and excellent footwork.

Equipment Bags

The right-sized equipment bag will carry all the gear you need and be mobile enough to carry it anywhere. With gym bags in different colors, styles and sizes you can easily carry all your gym essentials safely and securely.

RDX has smartly put together the best selection of equipment bags for gym and fitness freaks. While being sporty and trendy, RDX equipment bags are made of high-grade anti-bacterial material that is washable and breathable to avoid mildew and musty odors. The shoulder strap is highly adjustable and rests comfortably on your shoulder without cutting or bruising.

RDX R1 Duffel Bag with Backpack Straps

Gym owners, managers, trainers or home gym aspirants – if you are interested in any of the above- mentioned products then you have come to the right place as they are available for bulk sale. Download our latest product catalog for more information.