Zelfa the “Brown Flash” Barrett (29-2, 16 KO’s), a super featherweight in the world rankings, returns to Dublin on November 25th. He faces Romanian Costin Ion (10-4-2, 5 KO’s). Zelfa Barrett vs Costin Ion is scheduled for 12 rounds in the Super Featherweight division, the fight has a weight limit of 130 pounds (9.3 stone or 59 KG).

Appearing on Chantelle Cameron’s and Katie Taylor’s clash undercard, Barrett’s match joins Paddy Donovan’s and Danny Ball’s, Gary Cully’s and Reece Mould’s, Skye Nicolson’s and Lucy Wildheart’s, and John Cooney’s and Liam Gaynor’s bouts.

Despite displaying impressive form in his first fight against Shavkat Rakhimov, Zelfa Barrett’s hopes for an all-British world title showdown faded as a rematch against Rakhimov failed to materialise.

Barrett had stepped into the ring on short notice to face Rakhimov for the vacant IBF 130lb title, showcasing his mettle by dropping Rakhimov in the third round and holding a points lead before succumbing to a stoppage in the ninth.

Undeterred, Barrett returned to the ring, outboxing Jason Sanchez on the undercard of the IBF title fight between Rakhimov and Joe Cordina in April. When Cordina outpointed Rakhimov, the path seemed clear for an all-British world title clash between Barrett and Cordina later in the year.

However, fate had other plans. Instead, Edward Vazquez challenges Cordina’s belt in Monaco. With Cordina out, Barrett gears up for a pre-Christmas bout, eyeing a major showdown in early 2024. Ion emerged as the confirmed opponent, set to dazzle on the undercard of Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor’s super lightweight rematch.

Zelfa Barrett vs Costin Ion Date, Time, and Venue

The fighters are set to make their entrance at approximately 7:30 PM UTC at Dublin’s 3Arena. This translates to 2:30 PM EST, 11:30 AM PST on the West Coast of America, or 7:30 PM GMT in the UK.

Zelfa vs Costin Broadcast

Barrett vs Ion will air on DAZN Global in the UK and on DAZN in the United States.

Zelfa Barrett vs Costin Ion Final Presser

The Cameron vs Taylor 2 press conference took place in Dublin on Thursday afternoon ahead of their highly anticipated rematch on Saturday night. It also featured Zelfa and Costin.

Eddie Hearn, the promoter of the event, introduced the two fighters, emphasising the high stakes involved in this all-or-nothing clash between two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

Zelfa also chipped in on his confrontation with Costin Ion.

“Costin Ion is no slouch, he comes to win, but I believe in myself and believe I am World class, so my performance will be spectacular. I’m ready for anyone, I was speaking to Frank Smith and Steve Wood on FaceTime, it doesn’t matter where it is, I will fight anyone, anywhere with the right notice. I believe in myself so anyone can get it.”

Fight Card Featuring Zelfa Barrett vs Costin Ion

  • Chantelle Cameron vs. Katie Taylor; For Cameron’s IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO women’s world super lightweight titles
  • Gary Cully vs. Reece Mould; Lightweight
  • Paddy Donovan vs. Danny Ball; Welterweight
  • Thomas Carty vs. Dan Garber; Heavyweight
  • Skye Nicolson vs. Lucy Wildheart; Women’s featherweight
  • Zelfa Barret vs. Costin Ion; Super featherweight
  • Emmet Brennan vs. Jamie Morrisey; Light heavyweight
  • John Conney vs. Liam Gaynor; Super featherweight
  • Giorgio Visioli vs. Lee Anthony Sibley; Super featherweight

Zelfa Barrett vs Costin Ion Fighting Style Comparison

Let’s delve into the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters.

Zelfa Barrett’s Key Strengths

Here’s a breakdown of Zelfa Barrett’s fighting style, a boxing superstar in the making, proudly associated with RDX Sports.

Aggression and Pressure: Relentless Pursuit: Zelfa Barrett is known for his relentless pursuit of opponents, showcasing an aggressive fighting style. He consistently applies pressure, compelling his opponents to engage on his terms and dictating the pace of the fight.

Powerful Punches: Formidable Striking Power: Barrett possesses substantial punching power, especially in his right hand. This power allows him to land long-range punches effectively and poses a knockout threat with well-timed shots.

Combination Punching: Versatile Combination Skills: Beyond being a power puncher, Barrett displays a versatile arsenal of combination punches. His ability to switch stances and angles keeps opponents off balance, creating openings for his powerful strikes.

Body Attack: Strategic Body Assault: Recognising the effectiveness of body punches, Barrett strategically targets the solar plexus and liver. This tactic serves to wear down opponents, creating opportunities for powerful head strikes.

Adaptability: Strategic Adaptation: While primarily aggressive, Barrett demonstrates adaptability. Against defensive opponents, he employs effective movement and footwork, cutting off the ring and creating chances to land power punches.

Determination and Mental Strength: Mental Toughness: Barrett’s mental toughness and determination are crucial aspects of his success. These attributes enable him to navigate challenging moments in fights while maintaining composure under pressure.

Zelfa Barrett’s Key Weaknesses

Vulnerability to Defensive Styles: Barrett’s primarily aggressive style might face challenges against highly defensive opponents.

Counterpunching Opportunities: Relentless aggression may expose openings for counterpunching.

Overall, Zelfa Barrett’s fighting style is a combination of aggression, power, adaptability, and mental fortitude. He is a formidable opponent who has the potential to achieve great things in the boxing world.

Costin Ion’s Key Strengths

Costin’s fighting style boasts the following key strengths.

Versatility and Adaptability: Well-Rounded Skill Set: Costin Ion is not confined to a one-dimensional fighting style. He adeptly adapts to different opponents and situations, showcasing both offensive and defensive strategies.

Precision Punching: Pinpoint Striking Accuracy: Ion may not be a power puncher, but his strength lies in precision. A skilled jab and accurate combinations to both the head and body demonstrate his proficiency in landing precise shots.

Movement and Footwork: Fluid Movement: Ion possesses exceptional movement and footwork. This allows him to evade opponent punches effectively, change stances, and angles, keeping adversaries off balance and challenging to pin down.

Defence: Solid Defensive Skills: Ion’s defensive capabilities include effective blocking and evading punches. His strategic use of movement creates distance, offering a defensive advantage when necessary.

Patience and Ring IQ: Strategic Patience: Ion exhibits patience in his fighting approach, avoiding rushing into exchanges. His high ring IQ enables him to read opponent intentions and make strategic adjustments.

Costin Ion’s Key Weaknesses

Limited Power Punching: Ion’s reliance on precision over power may limit his ability to secure knockouts.

Potential Challenges against Aggressive Styles: Patience in his approach could pose challenges against highly aggressive opponents.

Overall, Costin Ion’s fighting style is characterised by versatility, precision, adaptability, and ring IQ. He is a well-rounded boxer who poses a threat to opponents of all styles. His ability to adapt and counterpunch makes him a difficult opponent to prepare for.


Feature Zelfa Barrett Costin Ion
Style Aggressive, high-pressure Versatile, adaptable
Key Strengths Relentless pursuit, powerful punches, versatile combination skills, strategic body assault, strategic adaptation, mental toughness Well-rounded skill set, pinpoint striking accuracy, fluid movement, solid defensive skills, strategic patience
Key Weaknesses Vulnerability to defensive styles, counterpunching opportunities Limited power punching, potential challenges against aggressive styles

Zelfa Barrett vs Costin Ion Prediction

Based on the analysis of their fighting styles and their strengths and weaknesses, Zelfa Barrett appears to have a slight edge in this matchup. His aggressive, high-pressure style could potentially overwhelm Costin Ion’s more patient, defensive approach. Barrett’s ability to maintain consistent pressure and land powerful punches could wear down Ion’s defence and create opportunities for a knockout.

However, Costin Ion’s versatility, precision punching, and movement and footwork could pose challenges for Barrett. Ion’s ability to adapt his style and counterpunch effectively could potentially neutralise Barrett’s aggression and create openings for his own attacks.

Ultimately, the outcome of the fight will depend on how each fighter executes their game plan and adapts to their opponent’s style. Barrett’s aggression and power could lead to an early stoppage, but Ion’s precision, defence, and ring IQ could allow him to control the fight and secure a victory. But all said and done, we see Zelfa securing a TKO win in the later stages of the fight.

Zelfa TKO-10


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