This Women’s Day, Team RDX celebrates our friend Marina Rodriguez, the number #3 strawweight who recently showed the world that she is the deserving contender for the title shot at UFC 272 after defeating Yan Xiaonan. 

An ambassador for all the women around the globe, she serves to be an inspiration for everyone out there who has a dream to conquer. Here’s what she had to say on Women’s Day to her fans which of course includes us at RDX Sports.


Question 1. How important is International Women’s Day to you?

I believe that this day is important for women who somehow had difficulty being recognized in their professional careers. I started fighting at a time when women were already having great opportunities as well as men.

Question 2. What does ‘She Fights’ mean to you?

For me it means having the power and freedom to fight in your everyday life to be recognized for your effort, work and results just like any successful person!

Question 3. Which female athlete do you admire the most?

The female athlete I most admire is myself, Marina Rodriguez. This is because only I know everything I’ve done, that I’ve worked to conquer what I’ve already conquered and will still continue to conquer in my career.


Question 4. Did your family or friends support you?

I had and still have a lot of support from my family. They saw me at the beginning, they saw how dedicated and obstinate I became in my profession as a MMA athlete. This gave them a lot of confidence and tranquility in letting me take my own path, their support grew even more when they saw the support of my fans.

Question 5. What would you tell young girls (around the age of 15 to 19) now, that you would have wanted to hear when you started pursuing this career?

The best thing to say is that you follow the path that really makes you happy and that you can give yourself completely, because only then will you have complete success in the future.

Question 6. If you could improve Women’s MMA – what would you change, and how would you do it?

The female MMA scene is growing more and more, I wouldn’t change anything for now, maybe what I would change is the view of those who watch making the fans more interested and supporting the female fights that would make the female MMA grow even more.

Wow, we are sure her message to her fans will make an impact. Here’s to you Marina and all the women out there making a positive impact in the world. Keep fighting the good fight and know that Team RDX is in your corner!


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