Get ready for an electrifying clash in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, as two rising stars of the boxing world step into the spotlight, Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia. On Saturday evening, amidst the pulsating atmosphere of the Barclays Center, fans will bear witness to a sensational junior welterweight title showdown between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia.

The stage is set to captivate the audience at 8 pm, and the action will go live from Barclays Center in Brooklyn on pay-per-view, offering fans around the globe the opportunity to witness every heart-stopping moment of this highly anticipated matchup. Additionally, in the co-main event, Arnold Barboza is geared up to face Sean McComb for the junior welterweight title. 

Devin Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) is a boxing phenomenon in the lightweight division. The undisputed lightweight champion and the current WBC junior welterweight champion is known as the pound-for-pound elite. With an undefeated record and victories over notable opponents such as Jorge Linares and Yuriorkis Gamboa, Haney is determined to solidify his status as a champion.

Meanwhile, Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs), known for his lightning-fast hands and devastating knockout power, represents a formidable challenge for Haney. With an impressive record and wins over seasoned veterans like Luke Campbell and Francisco Fonseca, Garcia is all set to seize the spotlight against yet another superstar.

In this thrilling clash, will Garcia be able to add the first official world championship title to his resume, or will Haney cement himself as the undefeated king and defend the title he won over Regis Prograis in December? Mark your calendar for the 20th of April to find out!

Davin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia Date, Time, and Venue

On April 20th, Ryan Garcia will vie for the WBC junior welterweight title, whereas Devin Haney defends his WBC super-lightweight title in a fight that goes down from Barclays Center in Brooklyn (8 p.m. ET, DAZN PPV &

  • Date: Saturday, 20 April 
  • Time: 8:00 p.m. ET 
  • Venue: The fight will take place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Davin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia Broadcast

The epic battle between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia will be streamed live worldwide exclusively on PPV through DAZN, offering fans an unparalleled viewing experience. 

What’s on the Line in Davin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia Showdown?

For those interested in the championship stakes, it is primarily the belt. Devin Haney will be defending WBC 140 lb championship against Garcia in this match. He secured this title by defeating Regis Prograis convincingly in December after previously holding four belts in the lightweight division.

In terms of status, Haney has more at stake, being ranked sixth in pound-for-pound rankings for April. On the other hand, Ryan Garcia is not prominently featured on any pound-for-pound lists and is currently ranked sixth among contenders in the WBC’s 140-pound division.

Davin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia Fight Card

  • Main Event: Davin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia (WBC Super Lightweight Title)
  • Co-Main Event: Arnold Barboza Jr. vs. Sean McComb (Junior Welterweight Title)
  • John Ramirez vs. David Jimenez (WBA Interim Flyweight Title)
  • Bektemir Melikuziev vs. Pierre Dibombe (Middleweight)
  • Charles Conwell vs. Nathaniel Gallimore (Light Middleweight)

Davin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia Fighting Style Comparison

Here’s an in-depth round-up of the skillsets of both contenders, giving you a better idea of the fate of Haney vs Garcia blockbuster.

Davin Haney’s Key Strengths 

Speed and Precision: Haney possesses remarkable speed, thanks to his lightweight build, enabling him to move swiftly and explosively. His ability to dodge punches and counter with rapid combos comes from his quick reflexes and nimble footwork.

Superb Defence: Haney also has a superior defence. The orthodox stance he adopts enhances this because his left arm is extended forward, shielding his face and body from punches. Furthermore, Haney’s long reach enables him to maintain a distance from his opponents, minimising the chances of being struck. He can also utilise his reach to block and deflect punches.

Footwork: Renowned for his superior footwork, Haney’s skills in this department are unmatched in the lightweight division. He effortlessly manoeuvres laterally, cuts angles, and maintains control over the fight’s pace and distance, leaving his opponents off-balance and susceptible to his attacks.

Body Attack: While underrated, Haney is known for his ability to effectively target the body, which plays a crucial role in his overall boxing strategy. Haney’s approach to systematically breaking down his opponents includes a strong emphasis on body shots. These punches help him to wear down his opponents over the course of a fight, reducing their mobility and stamina, which can be particularly effective in the later rounds.

Davin Haney’s Key Weaknesses

Limited Punching Power: Haney’s lighter build, although beneficial for speed and agility, might restrict his capacity to land powerful blows. Taller boxers typically need to stretch their arms more to produce the same force as shorter boxers, potentially diminishing their punch strength.

Experience Against Top-Tier Fighters: While Haney has faced good competition, as he continues to face higher-calibre opponents, he is still a young talent. His relative lack of experience against elite fighters could be a challenge.

Ryan Garcia’s Key Strengths

Speed and Reflexes: Garcia is renowned for his exceptional hand speed and quick reflexes, which enable him to land punches effectively and evade attacks.

Blistering Power: Despite his relatively lean frame, Garcia possesses significant knockout power, particularly noted in his left hook, which has ended many of his fights dramatically.

Height and Reach: His tall stature and long reach give him an advantage, allowing him to strike from a distance and control the pace and space of the fight.

Ryan Garcia’s Key Weaknesses

Lacks Defensive Ability: While improving, Garcia’s defensive skills have been critiqued. He sometimes leaves himself open when attacking, which could be exploited by more strategic or counter-punching opponents.

Limited Experience: Similar to Haney, Garcia’s experience against top-tier competitors is limited. More exposure to elite boxers will test his adaptability and technique under pressure.

Sporadic Activity Rate: His activity in the ring has been sporadic at times, influenced by personal issues and management disputes, which could impact his ring sharpness and career momentum.

Devin Haney COMPARISON Ryan Garcia
Impressive swiftness, rapid movement Speed Remarkable hand speed, lightning reflexes
Exceptional defensive skills, adept evasion Defense Evolving defensive prowess, occasional vulnerability
Limited punching force due to physique Power Notable knockout ability, especially with left hook
Effective body assault, wears down adversaries Body Attack
Unmatched agility, dictates pace and distance Footwork
One of the best in-ring intelligence and awareness Fight IQ Still evolving fight IQ
Better reach Height & Reach Taller stature
Limited exposure to top-tier opponents Experience Limited experience against elite competitors

Both Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney are remarkable fighters with their unique approaches to boxing. Garcia’s lightning-fast speed and formidable knockout power make him a force to be reckoned with, as he’s capable of ending fights with a single punch. 

Haney, on the other hand, is a master tactician with an exceptional defensive strategy and the endurance to outlast his opponents in prolonged battles. The clash of Garcia’s explosive offence against Haney’s strategic defence is sure to produce a riveting and unpredictable match. 

However, considering all factors, Haney’s ability to control the fight’s tempo and his ring intelligence might give him a significant edge in outmanoeuvring Garcia.

Haney vs. Garcia Prediction

RDX Sports predicts a decisive win for Devin Haney. While Garcia possesses speed and power, experts point to his recent erratic behaviour and lack of focus as reasons he might not be in peak condition. Haney’s composure, well-rounded skillset, and ability to adjust strategically make him the favourite, likely winning by unanimous decision or even a late stoppage if Garcia crumbles under pressure.

Arnold Barboza Jr. vs. Sean McComb

In the electrifying co-main event, the undefeated Arnold Barboza Jr. squares off against the formidable Sean McComb. Barboza, with an impeccable record of 29 wins and no losses, enters the ring fresh off a January triumph over Xolisani Ndongeni, bringing a wealth of battle-hardened experience to the table. 

On the other side, we have the tenacious 2015 European Games bronze medalist, McComb, whose impressive professional record since 2018 stands at 18 victories and a single defeat. Known in the boxing circles as “The Public Nuisance,” McComb is gearing up to unleash his talent on American soil for the first time. So, prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled action from the first bell!

Bektemir Melikuziev vs. Pierre Dibombe

In the super middleweight division, Olympic silver medalist Bektemir Melikuziev is ready to face the stern challenge posed by the undefeated Pierre Dibombe. Melikuziev, known as “The Bully,” boasts a formidable 13-1 record, with ten knockouts to his name, and a six-fight winning streak, last overcoming Alantez Fox by TKO. 

Dibombe, the former European light heavyweight champion from France with a 22-0-1 record, is equally formidable, coming off a TKO win against Derrick Findley. This matchup on the card is a clash of power and finesse, with both fighters looking to assert their supremacy in the super middleweight ranks.


As the anticipation for the Haney vs. Garcia showdown reaches a fever pitch, all signs point towards a fight that could redefine the future for both contenders. With Haney’s tactical mastery and Garcia’s explosive power, fans are thrilled for a spectacle that could go down in boxing lore.

The question remains: will Garcia’s dynamism upset Haney’s calculated game plan, or will Haney’s strategic prowess reign supreme? 

Only the ring will tell, but one thing is for certain—this battle will not just be fought with fists, but with heart, grit, and an unwavering will to emerge victorious. So, mark the date because this night promises to be a classic encounter between two of the contemporary boxing’s finest.



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