In an electrifying showdown over the weekend, Haney vs Garcia turned out to be a stunning upset that will be remembered for years to come! Garcia, the underdog in this fight, shocked everyone with an unexpected victory over the heavily favoured Haney.

From the very start, it was clear that Garcia came to the ring with a plan. The “King Ry” managed to drop the undefeated Haney three times en route to one of the biggest boxing upsets in modern history. 

Winning by a majority decision over the WBC junior welterweight world champion at Barclays Center, Ryan put a slew of questionable social media posts to silence and slashed all fight predictions

Despite Garcia missing weight by more than three pounds and being unable to claim Haney’s WBC title at 140 pounds, his victory has sent shockwaves through the thrilling junior welterweight division. If anything, that’s probably the only good feeling that Ryan’s naysayers got out of this fight!

The 12-round super lightweight fight ended with Haney stepping down to a 31-1 while Garcia left with the crowd chanting his name and a catapulted record of 25-1. 

Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia Results

  • Main Event: Ryan Garcia defeats Devin Haney by majority decision (112-112, 114-110, 115-109) in WBC Super Lightweight Division
  • Co-Main Event: Arnold Barboza Jr. defeated Sean McComb by a split decision (92-98, 96-94 & 97-93) for the Junior Welterweight Title
  • David Jimenez defeated John Ramirez by unanimous decision (117-111, 117-111, 116-112)
  • Bektemir Melikuziev defeated Pierre Dibombe by technical unanimous decision (R8, 78-74, 79-73, 79-73)
  • Charles Conwell defeated Nathaniel Gallimore by TKO (R6 at 0:52)

Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia Highlights

Despite missing the metal, Garcia’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, proving his mettle in a fight where the stakes were incredibly high.

From the opening bell, Garcia displayed a masterclass in speed and agility. His tactical prowess was evident as he manoeuvred through Haney’s defences, landing precise and impactful punches. 

Haney, known for his technique and ring dominance, found himself on the defensive more often than anticipated, struggling to match Garcia’s unexpected intensity and speed.

In the first round, Garcia shook Haney with a powerful left hook, catching him off-guard. However, Haney quickly regained his composure and outboxed Garcia with superior boxing techniques in the second round. 

He rebounded well and won several rounds leading up to the seventh. This is when Garcia turned the tables, dropping Haney to the canvas with another decisive left hook. Haney wobbled for the rest of the round. 

Haney came back strong in the ninth round. However, Garcia regained control in the 10th and continued his dominance into the 11th round. He pushed Haney back with a solid straight right and then knocked him down once more with a powerful left hook. 

The fight ended with one judge scoring it a draw at 112-112, while the other two favoured Garcia with scores of 114-110 and 115-109. This victory improved Garcia’s record to 25-1, with his only loss to Gervonta Davis in April 2023. Meanwhile, Haney suffered his first defeat, bringing his record to 31-1.

Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia Play-by-Play

Here is a round-by-round fight analysis for the 12-round mega clash:

Haney vs Garcia Round 1 

Ryan Garcia starts aggressively, delivering a powerful left hook that shakes Haney’s foundations. He follows up with another left and a combination. Haney counters with a right. Garcia continues to attack, unloading more punches. Haney manages to steady himself as the round ends. 

Haney vs Garcia Round 2 

Haney starts the round strong, while Garcia throws a few wild lefts. Haney is tactically employing his left hand, forcing Garcia to adopt a more measured approach. The expectation of more power looms. Haney connects with a significant right hand, and after a brief period of inactivity, Garcia springs back into action. However, a big hook from Garcia misses its mark. 

Haney vs Garcia Round 3 

Garcia launches an overhand right that only grazes Haney. He continues to unleash punches but keeps missing. Garcia repeatedly lets his left-hand fly. Haney counters effectively and they get tangled up. Using his jab, Haney remains cautious, wary of Garcia’s power. Haney successfully lands a couple of strikes on Garcia, who appears visibly frustrated. Now, Haney seems to be gaining control of the match. 

Haney vs Garcia Round 4 

Garcia gets more aggressive. He opens up but both the fighters keep tangling up. Haney takes on the role of the aggressor, stalking Garcia, who tries to shield himself with his left shoulder. Haney lands a sharp left and connects. Garcia responds with a right, but then retreats, showing less activity. 

Haney vs Garcia Round 5 

Haney keeps firing jabs while Garcia unleashes a flurry of punches that fail to connect. Haney seems to be in control, dominating as Garcia misses another right hand and resorts to a headlock. Garcia manages to land a right and wraps Haney in a neck hold before the fighters are separated. Haney displays some caution. 

Haney vs Garcia Round 6 

Garcia ramps up his aggression, landing a big right and a left, putting Haney momentarily on the defensive. Despite Garcia’s superior power, Haney quickly regains control, cornering Garcia and landing multiple punches. Haney receives a warning for hitting Garcia in the back, but it’s Garcia who is ducking. The action slows again. 

Haney vs Garcia Round 7 

Haney goes down! Garcia connects with a left hook, knocking Haney down. Haney appears shaky as he gets up, and Garcia presses the attack. The referee penalizes Garcia with a point deduction for a late hit after a clinch. Haney falls again but it’s ruled a slip, adding to the chaos. Haney hits the canvas twice more and is ruled slips. Haney looks wobbly and exhausted. 

Haney vs Garcia Round 8 

Garcia, aiming for a knockout, corners Haney, but the referee intervenes and frees him. Surprisingly, Haney shows regained composure. The pace slows as both fighters show signs of fatigue. Haney’s rights are weak, but he remains more active than Garcia. 

Haney vs Garcia Round 9 

Garcia frequently turns his back to dodge as Haney approaches, taking several left hands in the process. This duck-and-turn tactic has become Garcia’s signature defence. Garcia attacks with a burst of powerful shots, but it’s a burst. 

Haney vs Garcia Round 10 

Garcia connects with a right and then a left. Haney is down once again! Haney beats the count, and the fight resumes with Garcia pressing the attack, landing more hits. Both fighters show fatigue, clinching frequently. Garcia continues to use his unconventional tactic of turning his back on Haney. After landing another left, Garcia unleashes a flurry of punches, leaving Haney struggling to stay upright. 

Haney vs Garcia Round 11 

Haney opens with two lefts that miss, yet he remains alert. Garcia sizes up Haney, preparing his shots. After a slight hit from Garcia, they tangle once more. Garcia then lands a strong right followed by a left, knocking Haney down for the third time. Haney gets up again. The crowd chants “Ry-an, Ry-an” in support.

Haney vs Garcia Round 12 

It is the final and the most critical round. Garcia and Haney eagerly exchange punches. Garcia resumes his tactic of turning his back. Back in the centre of the ring, Haney, despite his wobbly legs, manages to land a jab. Garcia, possibly looking for a knockout or just cruising, keeps throwing jabs.

Haney vs Garcia Decision

The fight concluded with one judge scoring it a draw at 112-112, while the other two judges scored the bout in favour of Garcia, with scores of 114-110 and 115-109.

Garcia vs Haney Post-fight Reaction

Needless to say, Garcia shocked the world with the insane victory. Along with RDX Sports, almost everyone predicted the win to be in Haney’s favour. Garcia caught Haney ill-prepared, ill-equipped even. 

“He caught me early but I was sleeping on it. Caught me by surprise,”

said Haney post-defeat. 

Garcia ripped Haney with a hard left hook in the first round, sending him sprawling again in the 10th and then in the 11th. He was a clear winner by the last round. The crowd’s chants of “Ry-an, Ry-an!” filled the air, screaming their excitement for the King who had found redemption and became a star again. 

“My left hook is my left hook. Whenever I land it, it can put you out or down,”

Garcia said.

After months of erratic behaviour and fans questioning his mental fitness, people hardly believed Ryan had what it took to compete, let alone win. But his spectacular victory helped him emerge from the chaotic buildup in the best possible manner.

“Come on guys, you really thought I was crazy?’’ said Garcia in an interview after the fight. “You guys lost your own mind,”

he told the crowd cheering his name. 

“It’s hard to recover from big shots. You know, maybe my conditioning wasn’t my best, but at the end of the day I got the job done.’’

He didn’t just get a win out of the clash, he won respect too. 

“Popularity doesn’t win fights. Skills and strategy do. Heart also does,”

analyst Sergio Mora, a former world champion, said on the PPV broadcast.

“Ryan Garcia’s got all of it. They needed to see heart, they needed to see courage, he needed to face adversity. Well, he passed all the tests.”

He is sharp, he is powerful, he is resilient. And he is the conquerer of the ring; probably that’s why he is called the King!

How the World Sees Garcia’s Victory?

More than anything else, people seem to be surprised the way Garcia clinched the fight, as evident by the majority’s reaction.

What’s Next for Garcia and Haney?

Despite the loss, Haney kept his WBC world title because Garcia weighed in over the 140lbs limit by 3.2lbs. This fight should teach Haney about the unsustainability of Haney constantly cutting weight from his natural 160-170lbs to meet the super-lightweight limit. Now, Haney faces a decision: should he stay at 140lbs to unify the title, or move up to welterweight? Only time will tell.

For Garcia, he has moved on and has already called out his next opponent after Devin Haney.

“I’m moving up to 154 to knock out [Sebastian] Fundora.”,

Garcia told the media after his win.

Fundora stands with an impressive record of  21-1-1 record with 13 KOs while Garcia is one of the biggest names in the world of boxing. Overall, this seems to be one of the most exciting matches to look up to. 


In a night filled with drama and unexpected turns, Ryan Garcia’s victory over Devin Haney not only defied predictions but also redefined his career trajectory. Amidst the chaos, Garcia’s prowess and strategic mastery shone through. As Haney contemplates his next move and Garcia eyes new challenges, the future of boxing looks as thrilling as ever.


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