Our last article here, the complete healthy lifestyle, may be a little difficult for some people to follow. Those who can should go ahead and adopt it but those who can’t should instead focus on the following small changes to their daily routine to manage their weight loss;

1.      Cut High Fat for Weight Loss

If the most favorite and tasty foods in your meal plan are candy, ice cream, doughnuts or fries, then you have to cut them out of the diet.

If you eat fries once every couple of days replace them with something healthy, like a fruit salad or vegetables.

Follow the same trick with other high-fat foods as well and you will cut down your weekly calorie count by a large margin.

2.      Walk More

Doing a strenuous physical activity and fitness routines might seem daunting to you, so let’s start with just a few minutes of walking.

On average you should be doing 30 minutes of physical activity every day. This can be chores, dog walking, jogging, etc. You have to add 5 more minutes of walking on top of that.

Keep increasing the minutes as days pass to burn off more calories.

3.      Short-sized Strength Training

Can’t find the time to get to the gym, no problem. You can do mini weight training using your own bodyweight right at home.

You can do squats, pushups, chair dips and other similar exercises for 60-90 seconds and burn off the extra fat.

Start with 5-8 reps and increase as your progress.

4.      Use the Stairs

Every time there is a lift or escalator in your way, go find a stairway. It’s as simple as that.

If your office is at a really high floor, take the elevator 2-3 floors down from it and climb the rest of the way.

Following this advice can have you losing at least 1 pound per week.

5.      Step Counter in your Cell Phone

Almost every smartphone in the world has a pedometer built into it. They also have applications that help give your information like calories burned and weight lost.

Make use of it and follow the daily step suggestions.

6.      Cook More

On average, a restaurant meal will have about 600 more calories than one cooked at home.

Not to mention the price tag that is much higher at restaurants.

There is no need for any more reasons for cooking at home. And when you are cooking, choose healthier ingredients to make the meal in line with your weight loss goals.

7.      The 1-mile Rule

When travelling somewhere, ask yourself if the distance is less than 1 mile or not. You can check on your phone’s navigation app.

If the distance is less than 1 mile, then always walk to your destination.

8.      Eat Raw Fruits

Majority of people prefer fruit juices over the real things. This is a mistake as juices lack the necessary fibers and nutrients present in fruits.

Next time you feel like having an apple juice, just eat an apple instead.

9.      No Fancy Coffee

Forget about your regular trip to your favorite coffee shop for a fancy coffee drink. They are packed full of unnecessary calories and sugar.

Get yourself a coffee maker, if you don’t have one already, and drink old school black coffee. Don’t add any sugar or cream to the mix and you can enjoy the full health benefits of coffee.

10. Sleep the Pounds Off

Irregular sleep can cause you to gain weight and it makes you less likely to do any physical activity during the day.

So get a very good night’s sleep every night. Try to turn in early and wake up early for a better sleep cycle.

These very small yet significant changes will have an amazing impact on your weight. You will be able to cut hundreds of calories from your diet and burn the ones you are consuming more effectively.


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