Wondering why “11” in particular? Well, nothing special, but it’s just that time of the year again. Historically China’s and currently the world’s biggest online shopping event about to take place on 11th of November. Hence, RDX is here with Top 11 Picks for the Best Boxing Equipment to Fire Up Your Winters.”

Now let’s glance at our top picks without any further ado.

Table of Contents

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Hand Wraps 
  • Inner Gloves 
  • Bag Gloves
  • Focus Pads
  • Punching Bag
  • Speed Bag
  • Skipping Rope
  • Head Guard
  • Groin Guard
  • Chest Protector
  • Conclusion

1. Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are one of the first things you should invest in before taking up boxing as an exercise or sport. A good pair of boxing gloves will fit you well and greatly improve the power of your shot.

Moreover, sweaty boxing hands are a nightmare. To cope with this, RDX showcases F6 Kara Boxing Training Gloves with impact-resistant nylon mesh and antimicrobial fabric. 

The nylon mesh palm provides the necessary air ventilation, while the antimicrobial inner coating wicks away sweat to keep hands cool and clean during the session.

2. Hand Wraps 

Hand wraps are also considered an essential part of your boxing training equipment. The best thing is to have a wrap long enough to circle your wrist multiple times to secure it. 

A thumb loop will ensure the wrap is secure and affixed firmly, lending some extra protection and security under the glove.  

For the ultimate boxing experience, we recommend you look for hand wraps that are safe and made of quality materials, such as RDX WX Professional Boxing Hand Wraps.

The extra-strong carbon fiber fabric ensures maximum hand safety and sufficient length to cover the hand and wrist. In the meantime, this blog can help you wrap your boxing arms properly.


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3. Inner Gloves 


Many boxers or even MMA practitioners don’t feel very comfortable wrapping bandages under their gloves. However, they still can’t overlook the safety of their knuckles and wrists. 

RDX offers an excellent solution for such a scenario, i.e., RDX IS Gel Padded Inner Gloves. This inner glove is great for all combat sports, lending incredible support to your wrists and knuckles and offering optimum comfort for a successful session. In addition, you also get a non-slip grip from a resilient fabric and a thumbhole for added safety.  

While the shell-shock gel inside these gloves helps protect your knuckles, about 75cm of wraparound extensions ensure they keep your wrists well-padded and guarded. 

4. Bag Gloves

Our list of best boxing equipment wouldn’t be complete without a fine pair of punching bag gloves. These gloves are specifically designed for punching bags and boxing mats. 

A bag glove has relatively less padding compared to a regular boxing glove. This is because you don’t have to worry about hurting your opponent or hitting them too hard with a bag glove. They are also usually smaller than a boxing glove.

The closure strap is the only comparable element between a boxing glove and a bag glove. It is essential for a good grip so that your hands do not slip inside the glove. 

Made from durable Maya Hide™ leather and reinforced with quadruple padding, absorbent gel, and foam, the RDX F6 KARA BAG GLOVES will give you the boxing experience of a lifetime. Get ready for maximum comfort and maximum protection with this pair.

5. Focus Pads

Used to train boxers, mixed martial artists, and other combat sports practitioners, a focus pad is a glove attached to a target. Training on focus pads serves best to develop combat reflexes, striking, and defense techniques. 

It also helps you create a fight strategy that you can use during the fight and work your way up, which is what makes a boxing training kit so viable.

Moreover, focus pads offer the most realistic combat training simulations outside sparring. 

A quality pair of focus pads should be light and robust on the inside. They should be incredibly durable and able to withstand impacts of varying intensity. That’s why RDX O1 Pro Training Focus Pads are second to none for boxing trainers. 

6. Punching Bag

Considered the absolute foundation of boxing training equipment, a punching bag is a sturdy bag designed to withstand a spree of punches and strikes. 

It offers an ideal training opportunity for boxers and martial artists, helping them develop strength and endurance. Why? Because it uses a wide range of muscles, from your legs, through the core region to your arms. Make sure to wear hand wraps or bag gloves before pounding the punching bag. 

For the ultimate boxing experience and value for money, invest in a premium punching bag like the RDX X1 Black Boxing and MMA Training Punch Bag. Thanks to the sturdy Maya Hide leather upholstery, it is specially designed to take the hardest of your punches. 

Before moving down the rest of the list, here’s a little something special for you, i.e., the best punch bag workout to lose fat.

7. Speed Bag

The speed bag is a good starting point for new boxers starting their boxing journey. It helps them improve coordination, speed, hand-to-eye movement, and defense.

Exercising on the speed bag helps boxers feel confident and in control of their movements.

The ball moves extremely fast. Sometimes it is almost impossible to follow the replay. Requires repeated hits to increase speed and focus on the target, garnering exceptional boxing skills. 

So, we bring you the RDX F6 KARA SPEED BALL, offering the best in design, manufacturing, and finishing.

8. Skipping Rope

Also known as a jump rope, it is an excellent cardio exercise and is generally considered one of the best equipment for boxing. Children, adults, men, women, beginners, pros, almost anyone can use it. That’s how versatile a jump rope is, helping boxers build stamina and speed.

Some ropes come in a specific length, but some have adjustable settings so you can adjust the rope to your size. One of the best analogies can be the RDX C3 Adjustable Skipping Rope, which is very easy to use and is made of steel wire coated with adjustable PVC for maximum durability and protection. The handles attached to the end are non-slip and provide a comfortable grip for a comfortable jump.


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9. Head Guard

When sparring or training with combinations of head movements, it is essential to protect the head. Whether it’s boxing gloves or focus pads attacking the head, head protection should give you the confidence to face the charge. 

Poor quality head protection prevents you from achieving your best performance. But RDX Sports allows you to set your inner beast free with T15 Noir Full Face Boxing Headgear

Upholstered in handcrafted ConvEX Skin combat leather, this headgear absorbs all knockout attacks for you with its utter durability. Designed to withstand intense training, the inner lining keeps you dry so you can focus on everything but training.

10. Groin Guard

Groin guard should also be on your list of protective boxing gear. It is essential to protect your groin region from accidental blows.

There are several things to consider when purchasing a groin guard. The most important features to consider are safety, size, comfort, and price.

Thanks to RDX T15 Noir Groin Guard, all such concerns are taken care of. On top, its ergonomic design gives you the best flexibility and mobility. 

11. Chest Protector

Protecting your chest becomes even more critical if you’re just starting your boxing career. Body shots are not easy to handle, especially for beginners. 

So, we introduce you to the RDX F6 Kara Chest Protector. It not only helps you withstand the impacts of the blows you encounter on and around your chest region but also outlasts most other protective gear on the market. 

Its ergonomic design keeps your mobility and agility intact. Additionally, it offers a unique strapping system that ensures convenient usage and secure fit. All these features also make it a handy equipment for trainers and coaches, ensuring their safety. 


With everything lined up clear and well, we hope you’ll make the most of this opportunity and grab your favorite boxing equipment whether you want to kick start your boxing/MMA journey or elevate it to the next level. Remember, RDX is all about helping you move, improve, and evolve.


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