At RDX Sports, the question of why personal trainers are important for healthy living looks much similar to someone asking why great teachers are vital for a successful life. 

From where we see it, the concept remains the same regardless of a personal trainer’s precise role and function in your health and fitness outlook. 

Just like great teachers, great trainers, coaches, mentors, and sensei share their wisdom and experience. They ensure you learn at the expense of their mistakes rather than the hard way. 

So, we dedicate this blog to teachers, trainers, coaches, sensei or whatever name you choose to give your mentors. 

Key Takeaways: 

Here’s a snapshot of this blog dedicated to teachers worldwide, especially in the health, fitness, and combat sports arena. 

  • Personal Training Industry Overview
  • What Does A Personal Trainer Do?
  • Who is a Personal Trainer?
  • Functions of Personal Trainers
  • 4 Advantages Of Training With Personal Trainers
  • What Should a Personal Trainer Offer?
  • Top 10 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer
  • Wrap-up: Avail Up to 10% Off Coaching Equipment to Celebrate World Teachers’ Day with RDX Sports

Personal Training Industry Overview

According to IBIS World, the personal training industry grew by 4.3% between 2017 and 2022, expecting 1% growth only in 2022, which is much faster than most other sectors of the economy. Currently, it’s worth about $13 billion. 

What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

How about changing your life for the better?

And we truly mean it when we say so. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Assessing your fitness and health problems
  • Developing individualized exercise programs based on their assessments and recommendations
  • Explaining the exercises in detail and suggesting alternatives if necessary
  • Monitor your fitness progress 
  • Explaining the safe and proper use of gym equipment
  • Leading individual and group training sessions
  • Researching new trends and exercise techniques
  • Providing first aid in an emergency
  • Developing a positive and trusting relationship with you 
  • Advising you on how to change nutritional and lifestyle habits when necessary

Who is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is a person who is available to those who hire their services to achieve the goal of improving their health & fitness outcomes. A personal trainer will work individually with you, accompanying you in the exercise sessions and planning customized training sessions.

Generally, this close relationship causes a greater affinity that will lead you to greater motivation and confidence in achieving your personal health goals. 

The personal trainer will be in charge of designing and coordinating all the way to go until the achievement of these objectives. They structure and recommend healthy physical activities without the risk of injury.

Personal trainers assess clients’ physical strengths and weaknesses and create personalized training plans. They provide physical and psychic help and check on clients’ progress regularly. 

They also make sure that clients are not injured while training. Personal trainers can work with one person or in small groups. 

Functions of  Personal Trainers

To understand the functions of a personal trainer, we must know that this professional must be a part physical trainer and a part entertainer. It is well known that motivation moves mountains. We are humans, and we proceed based on inspiration. 

We will summarize a personal trainer’s functions with all this in perspective.

Initial Evaluation

Initial evaluation of the physical condition of the person they are going to train. A preliminary interview begins to determine the client’s wishes and the objective results that can be achieved.

Strategize to Optimize

Devise a strategy to optimize the maximum time spent in exercise, ensuring favorable results without the risk of injury. 

Slow, Steady Implementation

Improve the initial state gradually. For example, it can include helping the person lose or gain weight, gain muscle or flexibility, or improve safety by preventing injuries.

Evaluation Through the Evolution

Follow strict control of the client’s evolution, always remembering the tasks according to the goals set on time.

Dietary Consultancy

Offer them a diet appropriate to the objectives set to improve performance.


Being human is vital for a true personal training coach. Physical exercise requires perseverance. For this reason, a personal trainer must motivate and communicate the established routines, transmitting confidence and security. The most important thing is to improve the quality of life of the person who hires their services.

Be Available

A personal trainer must stay in contact with their client (personally, online or by phone) to answer any questions or concerns. 

4 Advantages of Training with Personal Trainers 


To determine whether you need a personal trainer, you better consider what you get when you have one by your side.  

1. Customization

The human body is a true marvel of nature, working similarly yet differently in endless ways. No one knows this better than a personal trainer. So, they design you a highly customized training regimen, streamlining all the similarities and tweaking for all the oddities. This ensures optimum results, minimal time, and minimal injuries in pursuing your fitness goals. 

2. Precise Guidance

Many injuries happen because exercises are not performed correctly in the gym. With a personal trainer in your corner, you get precise guidance, which is critical in minimizing the chances of injury since you perform each exercise under professional direction. 

3. Flexibility

It’s common for people to comment that they don’t have time to take a fixed class or even go to the gym at the same time. No problem. With a personal trainer, you can adapt the workouts to your routine, sometimes even incorporating face-to-face classes with video calls, if necessary (especially beneficial for those who travel a lot). 

4. Long-term Health Benefits

Of course, you can think of short-term goals with a personal trainer (for example, preparing for a big sporting event or a marathon). But another angle to this arrangement is nurturing long-term healthy habits. After all, having someone to encourage and keep your focus is way better than doing it alone – which means these physical practices will also become more lasting!

You are in charge of your life, and no one understands your life’s circumstances better than you. Above is the summary of what you’d get with a personal trainer. Now you can pitch these benefits against your individual preferences and determine whether you’d like to pursue your fitness goals with a trainer or not. 

What Should a Personal Trainer Offer?

A personal trainer is someone having the power and ability to impact not only your physical fitness and training but your whole life. This is because they have so much to offer, such as: 

A Good Personal Trainer Must be Updated

Fitness is a science in continuous evolution. Therefore, in addition to the official qualification, a good personal trainer will demonstrate that their training is ongoing. 

If your trainer doesn’t talk to you about HIIT, functional training, or calisthenics, maybe they’re a bit outdated and haven’t caught up with what’s been discovered in the last ten years.

A Good Personal Trainer Needs to be a Great Listener

It’s okay to show your authority, but some personal trainers look like drill sergeants. Others are the opposite, those who try to please and let you do whatever you want to be comfortable with them. But that way, you don’t advance or achieve goals. 

A good coach gives you commands, but he also listens to you. He knows how far to take you and when to stop. He has to know how to differentiate between an exercise that is difficult for you but you can do it and one that can put you in danger, preventing you from hurting yourself. 

A Good Personal Trainer Adapts Training to Your Reality

In addition to knowing your goal, whether running a marathon or recovering from an injury, a good coach knows your situation to adapt training to our reality. He has to understand what your lifestyle is, what kind of diet you follow, what you work on, and so forth. 

Only then can they create personalized training for you. If a person is not stable on the ground, he will not have them do push-ups on an unstable surface like a yoga balance trainer

A Good Personal Trainer Sets Realistic Goals

If overweight, you don’t run marathons in four weeks or even a year. Nor if it turns out that you can only train two days a week. 

A good personal trainer explains why you do one routine and not another. They explain what type of training you are going to do, why, what for, what exercises it includes and how they help us or what they are for. They have a valid reason when they ask you to switch from crunches to ab rollers

It’s not just about running a marathon or losing 20 pounds, but learning how your body works and what you’re doing to it in each workout. 

It is also essential that you innovate and vary. You can’t do the same workout every day. Variety is the key, one that a great coach tends to have in their hands.

Top 10 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

The concept of personalized training, whether at home or the gym, seems to have won over the public.

But what distinguishes personalized training from a group class? The main difference lies in planning the exercises carried out by the professional, who considers each student’s individual traits and specific needs and objectives.

1 – Highly Personalized Training Regimen

The trainings are promoted according to the needs and limitations of each person, with exercises and stimulating aerobic activities that change almost every day.

Understanding that health should come first is a long learning process. Most people start to practice some exercise, thinking primarily about aesthetics or looking for an alternative on how to lose weight fast

Having a flat stomach, a slim figure and defined muscles is the desire of many people who start to play sports. However, aesthetics is just a positive consequence of a healthy lifestyle and comes to crown the effort and determination day after day.

The personal trainer will positively influence this process of transforming the student’s mentality, which will be essential for them not to give up halfway.

2 – Highly Optimized Training Regimen

By knowing precisely your level of physical conditioning and objective, the personal trainer will develop the proper training to achieve maximum results, respecting limits and making it safer.

A personal trainer is a fundamental tool in correcting, protecting, and executing movements. Who has never wanted to increase the intensity of exercises on their own but felt insecure about doing so?

Sport is beneficial for our body and helps it function better. However, the results can be the opposite of what we want if it is done without defined goals and in the wrong way.

3 – Killing the Monotony       

The presence of a personal trainer makes the monotony stand aside, and the training is more varied, contributing to better results.

Depending on the student’s objective, the coach can spend a different workout each day, such as running, weight training, functional training, localized gymnastics or other exercises. The exercise variety helps those who are starting and are not yet in the habit of practicing physical activities.

As conditioning improves, the exercise range is increasingly intensified to make the student overcome their limits.

4 – Ensuring Consistency

Training regularly is essential to achieve your goals. The presence of a personal trainer can be instrumental in helping you achieve this.

5 – On-the-go Corrections

Monitoring each repetition and teaching the correct way to practice the exercises is one of the essential functions of the personal trainer, which guarantees more quality to the activities.

6 – Insightful Assessments

Periodically analyzing the results obtained in training is one of the most significant functions of a training coach, evaluating the workout’s efficiency and correcting it when necessary.

7 – Pulling You through the Plateaus

In any training, gains decrease when a certain level is reached. Your personal trainer knows when is the right time to readjust your circuit!

8 – Determining the Best Training Ambiance  

Depending on the type of training, your coach is the best person to decide the kind of ambiance and resources you need for training at a certain point in time. 

9 – Helping You Make the Most of It!

No one can defy the socializing nature of humans. Sometimes you might feel happy and excited. Other times you might be dull and low. A lot is happening in everyone’s life. No one knows this better than a personal trainer, as they have been through the same roads. 

So, they help you make the most of any training session, uplifting you when you’re down, pushing you when you’re low and celebrating with you when you’re on top of the world. 

10 – Move, Improve, And Evolve!

Promoting changes in the exercise routine is also essential to see your body improve and transform. Again, no one is better at it than your trainer, who is always by your side to help you move, improve, and evolve. 

Wrap-up: Avail Up to 10% Off Coaching Equipment to Celebrate World Teachers’ Day with RDX Sports 

In the sports and fitness industry, the coach’s primary responsibility is to create favorable conditions for learning and find ways to motivate the athletes. 

To ensure this, the coach must be able to:

  • Develop a clearly defined philosophy and vision
  • Model and teach ethical behavior
  • Develop communication, collaboration, teaching and support skills
  • Create a physically and emotionally safe sports and fitness environment
  • Plan, train, evaluate and adapt to implement quality sports practices 
  • Constantly improve through self-reflection, mentoring, professional development, evaluation, and self-care

Let’s acknowledge and honor this World Teachers’ Day with RDX Sports by gifting your personal trainers and coaches with their favorite coaching equipment. The best part is that you can avail up to 10% Off Coaching Equipment for a short while. So, avail the offer now and make the most of it while you can!  


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