Ten months after she made history by headlining the first female boxing main event at Madison Square Garden, Amanda Serrano achieved another milestone in the Amanda Serrano vs Erika Cruz showdown. She becomes the first Puerto Rican boxer to earn an undisputed championship title. Her victory came in the form of a win against Erika Cruz, a formidable opponent in what resembles a slugfest more than a boxing match. Get ready for the best of Amanda Serrano vs Erika Cruz results and highlights!

“A long journey. I’m just so emotional,”

a jubilant Serrano said.

“I finally did it for my island (of Puerto Rico). I have successfully completed all of my dreams, becoming the undisputed champion. So, now I am one of the undisputed champions but I am still the only seven weight-class (women’s) world champion.”

The night’s festivities concluded with Alycia Baumgardner further affirming her status as a world champion. By winning a unanimous decision during the co-main event, she became the proud holder of four junior lightweight titles – The Ring, IBF, IBO, WBC and WBO – plus the vacant WBA title, making her the undisputed junior lightweight world champion.

Let’s uncover more about Serrano vs Cruz slugfest in the passage below.

Amanda Serrano vs Erika Cruz Fight Results

The featherweight championship bout between Amanda Serrano and Erika Cruz was a match for the ages. Despite a valiant effort, Cruz ultimately fell short of victory as Serrano earned a unanimous decision and the undisputed featherweight crown.

The main card and preliminary card results of the Serrano-Cruz match didn’t end there. In the co-main event of the night, WBC/IBF/WBO female super featherweight champion Alycia Baumgardner (14-1, 7 KOs) secured a convincing 10-round unanimous decision win over Elhem Mekhaled (15-2, 3 KOs), cementing her place in history.

Baumgardner dominated the bout early on, dropping Mekhaled twice in the third round. However, she seemed to tire in the later rounds, as Mekhaled provided a much stiffer challenge in the final seven rounds of their showdown.

Main Card Results

  • IBF, WBC, WBO and WBA women’s flyweight world title fight: Amanda Serrano UD Erika Cruz Hernandez 98-92, 98-92, 97-93
  • IBF, WBC, WBO and WBA women’s super-featherweight world title fight: Alycia Baumgardner UD Elhem Mekhaled 99-89 99-89 98-90
  • Super lightweight: Richard Hitchins UD10 John Bauza 100-88 x 3
  • Flyweight: Yankiel Rivera UD8 Fernando Diaz 79-73, 79-73 78-74

Preliminary Card Results

  • Women’s featherweight: Skye Nicolson UD10 Tania Alvarez 100-90, 97-93, 98-92
  • Women’s super-bantamweight: Ramala Ali UD10 Avril Mathie 99-91 x 3
  • Women’s super-middleweight: Shadasia Green TKO6 Elin Cederroos
  • Lightweight: Harley Mederos TKO6 Julio Madera
  • Super lightweight: Aaron Aponte UD8 Joshua David Rivera 80-72 x 3

Amanda Serrano vs Erika Cruz Fight Highlights

The main event of the evening at Hulu Theater (Madison Square Garden) in New York was a historic bout as seven-weight world champion Amanda Serrano faced off against WBA featherweight titleholder Erika Cruz. The fight occurred on Saturday, February 4th and was broadcast live on DAZN.

Serrano put her unified WBC, WBO and IBF belts on the line for an undisputed 126-pound championship, eventually outboxing her opponent to win the undisputed featherweight championship.

Amanda Serrano Headlines the Main Event for the Second Time

On Saturday night, Amanda Serrano made history for the second time in a year, headlining a card at Madison Square Garden. Last April, she was the main event in the big room, and this time it was in the smaller Hulu Theater. Despite the change of venue, the significance of her latest feat remained just as momentous.

Punches in Bunches!

Saturday night’s undisputed featherweight title fight at Hulu Theater saw almost no defense from either fighter, as punch after punch was thrown for ten rounds. Cruz has become accustomed to this type of fight, and the powerful Serrano expected nothing less.

In the end, Serrano did enough to be declared the winner with a unanimous decision (98-92, 98-92, 97-93), making her the proud owner of all four featherweight belts and an undisputed champion of the world.

Cruz (15-2, 3 KO’s) threw the most punches ever recorded in a women’s fight at 968, according to CompuBox. Serrano followed close behind with 949 punches thrown during the 10-round match. It was an incredibly competitive fight that certainly pushed both fighters to their limit.

The fight was the first in women’s boxing to feature more than 1,900 combinations, with 459 of them landing. Each fighter threw an average of at least 60 punches in each two-minute round for a genuinely action-packed spectacle.

Both fighters showed incredible stamina and determination in what can only be described as one of the greatest fights in featherweight history.

The seventh round of this fight was a spectacle to behold. CompuBox data revealed that an incredible 255 combinations were thrown during the round, the highest of any two-minute period throughout the entire match. This intensity is what made this matchup so memorable and entertaining for fans around the globe!

Blood, Guts, and Thunder – Amanda Serrano vs Erika Cruz was an All-Out War!

The pro-Puerto Rican crowd roared with every combination thrown, as both fighters displayed remarkable skills and determination throughout the match.

Blood streamed down Cruz’s face in every round, due to an accidental head-butt in the third that opened up a nasty cut. But she never let it faze her. This fight was a thrilling testament to the skill and power of women’s boxing.

Even an hour after the fight, Erika Cruz’s blood traces were still everywhere. Her forehead, her arms, and even Amanda Serrano herself were stained by her blood dripping down during their brutal match. Even Jordan Maldonado, Serrano’s trainer, had blood on his shirt – a testament to both fighters’ incredible determination and power throughout the bout.

Jordan Maldonado says he even warned the referee to be cautious of Erika Cruz leading with her head. But the inevitable incident happened anyhow. Cindy Serrano, Amanda’s sister, even urged her to back off for at least a round to avoid a no-contest being declared if Cruz’s injury worsened. It was indeed a heart-stopping moment – and one that only made this fight more memorable.

The Aftermath of a Bloodied Amanda Serrano vs Erika Cruz Slugfest

“In fact, we took a little time off, backed up a little bit,”

Maldonado said.

“Because Cindy had said, ‘It’s before the fourth round, and she’s cut. You don’t want it to get stopped and go to a no-contest before four.’

“So she said, ‘Pace a little bit,’ so we make it after the fourth, and then you resume it. It was a great observation by Cindy.”

‘We was Expecting a Nice War’ – Champ’s Appreciation for the Challenger

It was the type of fight Amanda Serrano wanted and expected. A chance to prove her mettle against a Mexican champion and become undefeated. It was a moment of glory, a victory that showcased both fighters’ incredible talent and sportsmanship.

“We was expecting a nice war,”

Serrano said.

“I wasn’t expecting to get my J’s [Jordan Brand shoes] so bloody, but I mean, it’ll wipe off.”

Serrano said she didn’t sense a difference in Cruz after the cut.

“She’s a Mexican champion. We knew that,”

Serrano said.

“That’s what we expected. That’s what we trained for.”

Serrano went back to basics in the fight’s second half, throwing one-two combinations repeatedly. She even looked like she might have knocked Cruz down in the 10th round – although the referee waved it off.

By the end of the fight, Cruz’s blood was all around. It stained her shorts, top and face, and was even splattered on Serrano – yet she just kept fighting fiercely, never backing down. It was a testament to both fighters’ tremendous mental and physical strength and determination.

Serrano vs Cruz – An Early Women Fight of the Year Contender

Serrano and Katie Taylor put on an incredible fight in their historic Madison Square Garden clash that could be considered the best of 2022. And possibly, she’s done it again in 2023 against Erika Cruz. They gave it their all and left everything in the ring, making for an iconic matchup that will not soon be forgotten.

Cruz put relentless pressure on Serrano from the beginning, delivering her signature style blow after blow. Her strikes made an impression as Serrano felt their impact throughout the fight. Yet she was able to come away with the win at the final bell.


Cruz fought with unwavering tenacity despite the physical and mental toll of the fight on her. An accidental cut on her forehead during the 3rd round and a big shot from Serrano in round six caused her to feel the effects of battle.

In the final four rounds, she was completely drained. But she continued to push herself beyond limits for each second of the bout.

It was an incredible display of determination from both fighters. Despite the fast pace and challenging shots, Cruz never relented, and Serrano found a way to make her punches count.

Their battle was an intense test of skill that required great grit and determination to survive. In the end, both boxers could be proud of their efforts as they truly tested each other’s limits.

Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano 2 Announcement

It’s official: Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will face off in a highly anticipated rematch on May 20th. Following Serrano’s hard-fought victory over Erika Cruz, Taylor stepped into the ring for a faceoff with her opponent.

This fight is set to be one of the most prominent women’s boxing matches in history as Taylor defends her undisputed lightweight championship. It’s sure to be a battle for the ages, leaving fans on the edge of their seats with anticipation.

On April 2022, Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano met in a highly-anticipated bout at Madison Square Garden. With the arena full of passionate fans, the fight delivered all the thrills everyone had hoped for. Taylor put her four world titles on the line and emerged victorious with a narrow decision victory. The fight showcased the power of women’s boxing to draw big money and a thrilling battle that captivated the whole world.

“I was cheering (Serrano) on. I wanted this fight. Undisputed vs. undisputed champion,” Taylor said.

“The last fight was an epic fight and I think the next one is going to be exactly the same.”

“It’s going to be great in Ireland fighting the real deal, Amanda Serrano. This is incredible and the last fight was epic, so I expect nothing less from the next one. This is the biggest fight in women’s boxing, and I only want to do the biggest fights. This is exactly what I want.”

Amanda Serrano vs Erika Cruz Round-by-Round Coverage

It’s a fight that will be remembered for its brutality and the near-constant punch-throwing. Serrano came close to knocking down Cruz in the sixth round, which was by far her best. But it didn’t matter how much Serrano brought. Cruz kept coming back repeatedly, throwing punches until the end.

So, RDX Sports is here with the play-by-play coverage of the Serrano vs Cruz contest.

Round 1: 

Both Amanda Serrano and Erika Cruz are wasting no time exchanging punches, with Cruz leaning heavily to her left as she throws. Serrano’s shots are undoubtedly cleaner, but Cruz is keen to damage the body to open up opportunities later on. It is a heated mess of clashing punches that lays the groundwork for an exciting fight.

Round 2: 

Cruz’s punching form is far from pretty, especially when she’s on the front foot as she is now, but she’s starting to land some effective shots – body shots into overhand rights. Both fighters are throwing down with abandon. A big left from Serrano briefly wobbles Cruz, but she responds immediately with a hard tag of her own.

Round 3:

The opening of the round is slightly more tentative than the previous one, with both fighters spending the first 30 seconds or so mostly jabbing. Serrano backs up and tries to draw Cruz onto something. Serrano’s shots are straighter and sharper, clearly telling more in this round. But Cruz still manages to land a couple of good lefts.

A clash of heads occurs when Cruz comes over her front foot – a common occurrence – leaving both fighters with bloody faces. To conclude the round, Serrano catches her on the counter and lands a few blows.

Round 4: 

Cruz is scoring with overhand rights, and it’s getting very competitive. Now Cruz gets her jab working, and Serrano starts coming forward, landing a big left that re-opens the earlier wound and sends blood everywhere. The match continues to be a constant back-and-forth of three or four-punch exchanges.

Round 5:

In the past, Serrano’s had issues with her gas tank, so she has to be worried about Cruz’s current pace. There is a lot of bodywork happening, with Serrano landing a few shots, but probably not enough to slow down Cruz. Serrano rocks Cruz back, and the Mexican gets off-balance and slows down a little. The round ends with a 10-9 for Serrano, but it was extremely tight.

Round 6: 

Cruz comes out strong to start the round, and the two go into a continuous war. Suddenly, Serrano lands a shot that hurts Cruz and piles on the pressure. Cruz is shaky but still throws punches and manages to survive the round.

Round 7: 

A delay at the start as Cruz’s corner left water all over the ring. Serrano starts up, trying to finish it, but Cruz seems to have recovered, and they are both throwing punches. There is blood on Serrano’s head. Hard to say if it is her cut or just covered in Cruz’s blood.

It has been an excellent comeback round from Cruz so far. And it looks like Serrano may have blown her tank pushing for a knockout. She manages to fire back with some quick sharp shots of her own.

Round 8:

Cruz’s main problem is that when she misses her shots, she ends up off-balance and vulnerable to punishment from Serrano. When Cruz comes in behind the jab, she is a bit cleaner.

But Serrano is still drawing her onto shots that she can punish. Cruz takes a step back and throws, only to find herself falling onto them. She manages to get a couple of right hands through but has been struggling to close the distance lately.

Round 9:

Cruz is being more patient this round, trying to bait Serrano into throwing step-back punches before she does herself. It’s working to some extent, but she is still getting caught out. It has been a reasonable adjustment by Cruz, though, and the round finishes with it being more even between the two fighters.

Round 10:

Cruz probably needs to go for the knockout here if she hopes to win. Her record doesn’t suggest it, but she’s going for it regardless. She falls in a rather strange way, almost as if she took herself over. There is no knockdown, but Serrano lands a sharp left.

Cruz pushes on relentlessly, clubbing rights from in close and around Serrano’s guard. They finish the fight swinging! Cruz gave absolutely everything here. She can barely stand afterwards, but she poured in everything she’s got in this round. Commendable!

After a hard-fought, gruelling battle, Serrano emerged as the winner by unanimous decision. Judges Steve Weisfeld and Frank Lombardi scored 98-92 in favour of Serrano, while Mark Constantino scored it at 97-93 for the victor.

Amanda Serrano vs Erika Cruz Full Card

  • IBF, WBC, WBO and WBA women’s flyweight world title fight: Amanda Serrano UD Erika Cruz Hernandez 98-92, 98-92, 97-93
  • IBF, WBC, WBO and WBA women’s super featherweight world title fight: Alycia Baumgardner UD Elhem Mekhaled 99-89, 99-89, 98-90
  • Super lightweight: Richard Hitchins UD10 John Bauza 100-88 x 3
  • Flyweight: Yankiel Rivera UD8 Fernando Diaz 79-73, 79-73, 78-74
  • Women’s featherweight: Skye Nicolson UD10 Tania Alvarez 100-90, 97-93, 98-92
  • Women’s super bantamweight: Ramala Ali UD10 Avril Mathie 99-91 x 3
  • Women’s super middleweight: Shadasia Green TKO6 Elin Cederroos
  • Lightweight: Harley Mederos TKO6 Julio Madera
  • Super lightweight: Aaron Aponte UD8 Joshua David Rivera 80-72 x 3

What’s Next for Serrano and Cruz?

As soon as the verdict is announced, Katie Taylor – who was victorious over Serrano last year – enters the ring to confirm a rematch. It’s clear then what lies ahead. Serrano and Taylor are destined to face off again soon! Fans have been waiting for the rematch ever since their first fight in New York last year, heralded as one of the best fights of the year 2022.

Now, with the announcement of a rematch to be held in Katie Taylor’s native Ireland, expectations are even higher. A fight that already holds a special place in boxing history could be about to get even bigger. Keep an eye out for this one – it’s sure to be an amazing spectacle!

“We stopped fighting for outcomes,”

Maldonado said.

“We’re fighting for pride. We fight to give our island to give something to talk about and boast.

“After this fight, the relief is we don’t have to fight for anything else that we want other than to satisfy the fans.”

Amanda Cruz certainly has her sights set on a rematch with Serrano. But for now, this is out of the question. Even if Serrano does come back down, it’s unlikely that she’ll be thinking of a fight with Cruz until the later months of 2023. Fans will have to wait and see how the story unfolds.

With Serrano vs Taylor in the works, Cruz will have to look elsewhere for her next fight. She may want to consider Sarah Mahfoud as a potential opponent for a no1 contender fight. This could decide who eventually gets the rematch with Serrano. Whichever way it pans out, fight fans are sure to be in for an exciting ride!

Although the featherweight division is not overflowing with potential opponents for Cruz, her impressive performance on a big stage has earned her some fans. No matter who she faces next, it’s sure to be an entertaining bout!

All in all, the Serrano vs Taylor fight was an excellent bout to top off a mostly entertaining card. It’s been a great start for boxing in 2023 and it’s only getting better with each passing event!


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