Much anticipated Leigh Wood vs Mauricio Lara results in Leigh Wood losing his WBA featherweight title via a stunning TKO in Nottingham.

On Saturday night at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, England, Mauricio Lara (26-2-1, 19 KOs) pulled off a remarkable comeback as he knocked out WBA featherweight champion Leigh Wood (26-3, 16 KOs) in the seventh round with an unexpected left hook.

Throughout the first six rounds, Wood controlled the fight and landed some big shots. However, midway through the seventh round, Lara caught Wood with a powerful left hook which caused him to fall to the ground. Despite wanting to carry on, Wood’s corner flung a towel into the ring, signaling the end of the fight.

This stunning victory cemented Lara’s place as a serious contender in the featherweight division and has left Wood seeking redemption.


When DAZN asked if he was okay to continue, Wood said:

“Yeah, I’m a fighter, you know? I want to go until I can’t see anything anymore. [But with the knockdown], I made a mistake and I paid for it.”

However, despite all his courage, strength, and desire to carry on with the fight, Wood’s corner didn’t deem it fit for him to continue. As a result, the contest had to be stopped, Lara celebrating a surprise win jubilantly.

RDX Sports brings you a much needed insight on the eventful night.

Leigh Wood vs Mauricio Lara Results

  • Mauricio Lara def. Leigh Wood (c) (TKO 7) to win the WBA featherweight title
  • Dalton Smith def. Billy Allington to win BBBofC super-lightweight title
  • Gary Cully def. Wilfredo Flores (TKO 2) to win WBA intercontinental lightweight title
  • Cheavon Clarke def. Israel Duffus (UD 10)
  • Diego Alberto Ruiz def. Gamal Yafai (UD 10)

Leigh Wood vs Mauricio Lara Highlights

Leigh Wood and Mauricio Lara faced off in the ring on Saturday night, and what was expected to be a heated battle ended up being an intense fight for dominance. Wood maintained control for most of the match, outmaneuvering his opponent with precise punches, uppercuts, and jabs.

However, it was Lara who made the last statement, landing a devastating left hook that put an end to the bout. Both fighters gave it their all and showed why they are at the top of their game—this match definitely lived up to expectations!

Saturday night saw an explosive fight between Leigh Wood and Mauricio Lara. Wood had the upper hand for most of the match, dominating the ring with his superior technique. Despite this, it was Lara who emerged victorious after a stunning left hook sent Wood to the canvas in the seventh round.

The Mexican refused to be beaten even when faced with Wood’s impressive skillset, and his dedication paid off in what became a defining moment of his career. This fight indeed showed us why both boxers are so highly regarded in the world of professional boxing.

Wood’s promoter Eddie Hearn revealed that the fighter had a rematch clause, giving Wood the opportunity to face Lara again if he so desires.

Leigh Wood vs. Mauricio Lara Round-by-Round Coverage

Saturday night was glorious for Mexican boxer Mauricio Lara, as he claimed the world title by defeating hometown favorite Leigh Wood in Nottingham, England.

Despite being the underdog going into the match, Lara defied all odds with a powerful and precise attack that stunned Wood and the fans.

Mauricio Lara made his way to the ring with a sombrero atop his head and a faint smile playing across his face, radiating an air of confidence as he stepped into the ring. If anything, this only increased the sense of unease amongst Wood’s supporters, knowing that the Mexican had come prepared and was determined to take home the win.

Whether it was through this iconic image or simply his tenacity in the ring, Lara became something more than just a boxer that night – he became a symbol of strength and resilience against all odds.

Leigh Wood was a formidable figure as he entered the arena for his title defense. He received an electrifying welcome from the Nottingham crowd and many more fans supporting from all over the UK.

Wood had undergone multiple tests to prove himself a true people’s champion. His series of victories over Can Xu and Conor Conlan only bolstered the mutual respect between Wood and the boxing community. No longer was he just an impressive fighter – he had become a symbol of hope for those needing a champion, both at home and abroad.

Wood vs Lara (Round 1)

Wood and his opponent feel each other out in the early stages, with Wood trying for a big right hand, but Lara swerves it. As soon as Lara comes in with the jab, Wood attempts to go over the top with a formidable shot. Lara counters with a huge uppercut that narrowly misses its target. It is an incredible display of skill from both boxers that has the crowd on their feet, anticipating what may happen next.

Wood and Lara’s heads clash, leaving Wood with a cut above his right eye. It serves as a stark reminder of how Lara’s last rematch with Josh Warrington ended.

Wood vs Lara (Round 2)

Wood has a cut above his eye from a clash of heads, causing him to step up to the front foot. Now Lara needs to target this area in order to gain an edge. Both boxers have thrown heavy punches this round, setting up an exciting conclusion.

Mauricio Lara catches Wood with a huge right hand, sending him reeling and wobbling his legs. It’s been a big round for Lara, and he’ll be looking to keep up the momentum for the rest of the match.

Wood vs Lara (Round 3)

Wood is more calculated in this round, while Lara remains the loose cannon with his wild assaults. He unleashes his whole arsenal every time he comes in for a combination. Leigh Wood has an issue with the cut above his eye, and a lot of blood has been flowing out.

Wood vs Lara (Round 4)

Lara catches Wood with a left hook, and the blow is well-absorbed by Wood. Mauricio Lara throws caution to the wind, seeing an opening in Wood’s chin and going for it. Both boxers are landing powerful punches, and it looks like the bleeding has stopped from their earlier heads-up clashing.

Wood vs Lara (Round 5)

Leigh Wood’s face is showing wear and tear from twelve rounds already, with visible bruising and cuts. Mauricio Lara is taking it all in his stride, talking to his corner between rounds. Wood is being extra cautious due to the blazing hand speed of his opponent.

The defending champion is showing an impressive display of power behind his punches. Lara walks straight into a well-landed left hook from Wood.

Wood vs Lara (Round 6)

Leigh Wood is managing to land some heavy shots on Mauricio Lara, who staggers back onto the ropes after a particularly vicious punch. With Lara’s guard down, Wood takes full advantage and starts landing more punches. It was a great round for the champion.


Wood vs Lara (Round 7)

The fight had been relatively quiet until this point, with Wood looking in control. Then BAM! A huge left hook from Lara knocks Wood down to the canvas, his head smacking against it. He manages to beat the count and get back on his feet, but his legs are wobbling.

Even though the referee was ready to let the fight go on, Wood’s trainer Ben Davison knew it was too much and threw in the towel. With that dramatic turn of events, Mauricio Lara is now crowned as the new WBA featherweight champion.


Mauricio Lara vs Leigh Wood Controversy 

Leigh Wood made a tactical misstep that ended up costing him Saturday night in Nottingham, England. He’ll be ruing the loss for sure.

Mauricio Lara’s devastating left hook sent Leigh Wood to the canvas in the seventh round of their featherweight title bout, but Wood remains confident. He is exercising his contractual right to a rematch and plans to take another crack at the WBA 126-pound champion. We’ll have to wait and see if he can turn the tables this time around!

When asked if he would fight the rugged Mexican again, Nottingham’s Wood simply replied, “Absolutely.” We may get to see a rematch between Leigh Wood and Mauricio Lara shortly.

Desperate to stay in the fight, Wood attempted to get up from Mauricio Lara’s crushing punch that had knocked him down with only 23 seconds remaining in the seventh round. Referee Michael Alexander was prepared to let him continue, but a befuddled Wood was stopped by Ben Davison throwing in the towel. It was an intense end to what had been a fierce fight between these two title contenders.

With only six seconds left in the seventh round, referee Michael Alexander officially stopped the 12-round fight between Leigh Wood and Mauricio Lara. It was a hard-fought battle that ultimately ended with Lara coming out victorious.

Lara vs Wood Scorecard

Going into the seventh round, 34-year-old Wood was ahead on all three scorecards after dominating the first six. However, in an exchange of punches, a deadly left hook by Lara knocked Wood senseless, leading to both referees and judges awarding the fight to Lara. Oliver Brien scored it 59-55, Howard Foster 58-56, and Guillermo Perez Pineda 58-56.

Despite Wood’s desire to continue after rising from Lara’s devastating punch, Ben Davison, his trainer, threw in the towel with 23 seconds left in the seventh round. Wood had been knocked flat on his back by Lara’s crushing blow and was visibly disorientated. Referee Michael Alexander was about to allow Wood to keep going when Davison rescued him from further damage.

After the fight, Wood told interviewer Oladipo:

“I’m a fighter, you know. I wanna go until I can’t f***ing do anything more. Congratulations to Mauricio Lara – great fighter. I made a mistake and I paid for it.”

Mauricio Lara and Josh Warrington’s Ringside “Spat”

Wood’s former foe Warrington was ringside at the Motorpoint Arena for Lara’s coronation on enemy soil. After Lara left the ring, the pair came face-to-face but were held back by officials. However, a fired-up Lara managed to SPIT at Leeds lion Warrington before they went their separate ways.

Warrington said:

“As soon as the fight’s been waved off, he looks over to me. He sees me.

“I actually thought he was looking over at times in between the fight.

“I got off my stool, his head goes forward, he spat on me.

“You know, I can have a little bit of pantomime – shouting and screaming – but somebody spitting on me?

“I’m not having it. It’s got to the stage now that he wants to finish my career – and I’m more than happy to let him have that opportunity.”

After the incident, Lara admitted that she had indeed SPIT on Warrington when asked about it by iFL TV. He said:

“Of course I did.

“Because it’s personal between me and him. That’s the way it will always be.

“Of course, I do [want to fight him again]. I’m after you [Warrington]. I’m coming for you.”

Lara and Warrington’s clash has paved the way for a potential mouthwatering trilogy fight later this year. However, Wood had placed a rematch clause in his contract to face the Mexican, which could delay a third showdown. After his heartbreaking defeat, Wood said:

“I am a fighter I wanted to keep going but congratulations to Mauricio Lara.

“I made a mistake and I paid for it. I want the rematch, absolutely.”

He further continued:

“A massive thank you to everyone,” Wood added. “I appreciate you coming out tonight. I’ll be back.”

Leigh Wood vs Mauricio Lara Fight Card Highlights and Results

  • WBA World Featherweight title: Leigh Wood TKO-7 Mauricio Lara
  • British super-lightweight title: Dalton Smith UD Billy Allington 120-107, 119-108, 119-108
  • Lightweight: Gary Cully TKO-2 Wilfredo Flores
  • Crusierweight: Cheavon Clarke UD10 Israel Duffus 98-88, 98-88, 98-90
  • Super-bantamweight: Diego Alberto UD Gamal Yafai 98-89, 97-90, 97-91
  • Middleweight: Aaron Bowen KO-1 Mathieu Gomes
  • Light middleweight: Junaid Boston TKO-7 Peter Kramer
  • Super middleweight: Kieron Conway def. Jorge Silva 80-72 (ref’s decision)
  • Super lightweight: Sam Maxwell def. Shaun Cooper 60-54 (ref’s decision)

What Does the Future Hold for Leigh Wood and Mauricio Lara?

Eddie Hearn has listed two options available to Leigh Wood to rematch Mauricio Lara and attempt to avenge his seventh-round knockout defeat.

“Leigh Wood has a rematch clause as a champion going into this fight,”

said Eddie Hearn, Wood’s promoter.

“I would believe he would wanna exercise that rematch [clause] because it was a tremendous fight, a tremendous performance. You’ve got Josh Warrington down there. Maybe these two [Lara and Warrington] fight in the interim.

“Maybe Leigh Wood fights the winner, but [Wood] has the right right now, contractually. And I thought he was cruising the fight at that stage. Rough start, but won four rounds on the spin, and Mauricio Lara just come in with a left hook from the heavens. And that’s why this sport is the most dramatic and the most exciting of them all.”

For Mauricio Lara, however, there is some unfinished business. Former foe Josh Warrington was ringside for this fight, and they do not appear to have a good relationship with each other. Lara jumped out of the ring to spit at Warrington immediately after his victory, an action he happily admitted to. Both men still have a score to settle, and if it does not happen next, it will happen soon.



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