Anthony Joshua is once-in-a-lifetime player. Joshua’ peculiarity comes from the mixture of innate boxing skills and his rudimentary athleticism. At only 26 years of age, AJ exhibits extraordinary boxing prowess that is amplified with his magnetic sporting physique. This exceptional combination of finest talents that any player would dream of has turned AJ into the biggest boxing prodigy – following his legendary counterpart Muhammad Ali.

Joshua’s transformation from a late amateur boxer to an untamed beast in the ring can be attributed to many factors. However, his relentless Olympic training has played a predominant part in helping him expand his fighting potential and redefining his humane capabilities.

Joshua has worked tirelessly in order to stand out from the boxing crowd. He is now without any doubt the fastest and the fittest living powerhouse in the boxing world.

While there are numerous workouts that have channelled AJ into a living legend, following are the nuts and bolts of Joshua’s beastly body.

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Strength Training

AJ’s training is a composite of targeting compound muscles such as trap bar deadlifts and bodyweight resistance training. His squatting helps him in strengthening his foundation and plyometric leaps, increasing the intensity inside the ring. His training techniques are tailored to add more strength to his ring manoeuvres.

26-year-old British heavy-weight champion performs leg press using a light weight, adding more impact on his quads before he goes back to the starting position.

Photo: RDX C3 Professional Gloves
The young prodigy’s custom-made workout doesn’t settle for isolated exercises such as biceps training or one repetition lifts. Despite the variations in his strength training, AJ keeps his ability to translate his strength and speed into a fiery power play inside the ring.

The British sensation also activates multiple muscles by using barbell thrusters. This type of movement is effective for firing up the metabolic rate while impacting several muscle groups such as core, quads, back and shoulders.

In a short film released by AJ, he emphasizes upon the importance of training legs and cores in his training camp before the title clash between him and Charles Martin. Anthony emerged victorious in the initial two rounds.

A key ingredient to a spearing punching power are hip bridge workout. The movement, though not widely performed, helps tuning the glutes enabling the hip extensor muscles to turn fists into fire.


Whatever gym work AJ performs, it is transferred into high octane power inside the ring. This is the reason why Joshua remains undefeated in his 15 bouts since he turned a pro.

He is constantly hunting for movements that up the explosiveness in the gym. Medicine ball throw with a single arm and ballistics trainings help him achieve the impact. The weight of the medicine ball helps activate the core muscles when the arm moves in rotation, helping in shooting momentous fists.

Another option to transfer all the strength of the body into a heavy punch is by engaging in kettlebell throws. No wonder no one withstand the iron fist pounding from AJ.

Sand Workouts

A unique feature in AJ’s workout regime is his obsession with sand workouts. The sand workout though may give a feel of a holiday exercise, it serves as a strenuous regime for his leg muscles. The unstable ground makes the leg muscles work harder. So when Joshua manages to perform well in sand, imagine what he is capable of in the ring.


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