Halloween is just around the corner, and technically it is the doorway of the festive season. Following Halloween will be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing day and finally New Year. All these occasions are family events with lots of eating and drinking involved- So bid farewell to your fitness goals during this phase.

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But that’s not all there is to this season. I believe the amount of shopping involved during this time outweighs shopping at any other time of the year, (Unless you are shopping for your own wedding). In my opinion, shopping is the highlight of the festive season, more so when it is sprinkled (and very rightly so) with guilt-free shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Now this may sound like a riddle, but can you identify the opportunity hidden between crashed fitness goals and huge shopping deals and discounts?

The opportunity to get every equipment & apparel you need for your fitness goals in 2020!

Yes, that’s right, when the discounts are as high as the temperatures outside are low-its time to buy whatever you need to either set up your personal home gym or anything that’ll inspire you to join a gym and start training.

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Just about every company manufacturing or marketing gym equipment or attire will be offering huge discounts on their entire inventory. In fact it wouldn’t be wrong to say that any company worth its salt, prepares diligently for this particular season. Since this is the time when one festival follows another and all most all of them require gift buying and giving.

Apart from this commercial motivation, there is also the fact that most of us tend to set our New Year’s Resolutions by 1st January, when more or less all the festive feasting is over and we have totally destroyed all the fitness goals we so carefully tended to throughout the previous year. This is the perfect time to prioritize your fitness and health for the coming year.

Here are a few more reasons why this is the perfect time to take up training:

  • Save electricity and yourself from an expanding waistline by heating your body naturally with a workout.
  • Research shows that regular exercise strengthens your immune system so fighting off cold and flu in the winters will be a piece of cake
  • Struggling with the usual winter blues or the SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is common for most people in the colder months. A daily workout releases the feel-good brain chemicals that help ease depression.
  • All that eating and drinking a few days prior will definitely have piled up a few extra pounds and if you don’t watch out the comfort food cravings during winters could make the weight gain even worse. An average person puts on almost 4 kg’s during winters! Balance it all out with a solid fitness regime


To push the message home even further, checkout the outrageous discounts being offered on RDX Sports on their already very well priced products for combat sports and fitness.

Hope you find your motivation with RDX Sports and make fitness a top priority for the coming year!

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