Let’s pick up where we had left off in our last post about building your own home gym for boxing. Now that you have evaluated your need for having a gym to do your boxing training and learned what equipment you will need, you can move towards the details of the said gear and what makes them essential or optional.

Home Gym Equipment

In our last post, we gave the list of equipment that you should purchase in order to build a great home gym. We also identified which gear was essential and which was optional.

If you have purchased them, then you can skip this first part of the post.

If you have not purchased them, then read on.

Boxing Gloves (Essential)

You can’t box without having quality boxing training gloves.

You have different weight options available. 10 to 16oz weight is ideal for a training glove. Do watch out for the price. Don’t be trapped by brands that are just selling a name and no quality.

We would recommend this glove:

You can also check out how to clean your boxing glove to ensure that the glove lasts for a long time.

Hand Wraps (Essential)

The gloves will give your great protection, for your fist and wrist.

But for added damage reduction – especially if are going to put a heavy punch bag in your gym – you should get some hand wraps. Learn how to use them properly.

There are several different options available.

For a beginner, we would suggest the inner glove:

Heavy Bag (Essential)

You can learn how to shadow box but that can’t be your whole training regimen.

You need a heavy bag to practice punches and combinations. Essentially, the heavy bag will be your companion in all your boxing workouts.

A bag that weight around 80 pounds is perfect. Here is how you can hang it in your home gym.

We would recommend:

Focus Pads (Optional)

Focus pads are great for building accuracy for your punches and you will be moving around more when you train.

If you are planning on inviting someone to train with you in your gym, then focus pads will be a good idea.

Recommended Focus mitts are:

Skipping Rope (Optional)

Jump ropes don’t cost that much and they can give you dynamic workouts.

They have several different advantages, like building your coordination, stamina, muscle fibers, etc.

You can buy your pick of skipping ropes.

Speed and Double-end bag (Optional)

These bags are highly appropriate for people who are serious about their boxing training.

Build your rhythm, speed, and quickness when you train with both of these bags.

You can get one or the other, or both if you feel that you want a more complete boxing training experience at home. Learn how to set up a speed bag or double end bag.

Choose from a variety of speed bags and double-end bags available.

Round Timer or App (Optional)

A round timer or an app for timing rounds will give your training a more realistic feel.

You don’t have to spend money on it, you can easily use your phones stopwatch function to get the same usage.

Mirrors (Optional)

No gym is complete without a full-size mirror.

When you are training for boxing alone, you will need the mirror to tell you if your movements are correct.

They can help you improve your technique but if you don’t have the budget for them, you can keep them in the optional category.

Floor (Optional)

Basically, all you need is a level floor.

It can be wooden, concrete or anything else that you won’t slip on when you train.

If you have that, all you have to do is place some gym mats on the floor to make it safer and start training.

If you feel like splurging a little, you can get wooden paneling installed in the gym area.

Free Weights (Essential)

You should get some weight training equipment for your gym.

Weight training helps develop muscle and strength. You should incorporate these exercises into your training.

Study Up

When you have your home gym, you can go to our boxing training section or our YouTube channel to get professional training tips on how to improve your boxing technique.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a trainer in this day and age.

This post covers all the details about the equipment you need for the gym, with some essential links on how you can install this equipment. We have also added recommendations about the gear that you should buy.

In the next post, we will present a home gym floor plan for boxing so you can set everything up perfectly and start training.


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