Wearing Gym Gloves

There are many people who don’t believe in using gym gloves and say they do more harm than good. However the reality is different. There can be some disadvantages but not if you know when and how to use them. In this post you will hear some of the key benefits of using weightlifting gloves, which include callous prevention, improved grip strength and comfort.

What are Callouses?
This is a hard formed skin or tissue that is caused due to friction. Athletes and sportsmen often experience callouses during training resulting in pain and discomfort.

Prevent Callous
Weightlifters experience callouses when they are lifting heavier weights repeatedly. Moisture is normally the root cause for developing callouses. You can avoid them by using a good quality pair of gym gloves. Just make sure the inner layer of gym gloves is made of leather as it will help you remain moisture free during an extended training session.

For most weightlifters callouses prevention remains the most popular reason for using gym gloves. After using these gloves for a while you will notice your callouses turn smooth and gradually flatten. You should also remember that when you are using gloves with much heavier weights, it will not be as effective but still it will limit the damage to a large extent. If you feel that you are not achieving the expected results, try moisturizing and shaving callouses every few weeks.

Other Benefits Include
Callouses prevention is not the only advantage, as there are several other benefits that you will find for using gloves.

Grip Strength
Second biggest advantage for using gloves is the improved grip strength, which is essential for training. Gloves come in handy especially when your hands get sweaty making it extremely hard for you to grip dumbbells and barbells. By wearing a glove that is designed to keep your hands completely dry during an entire workout session, helps you to further improve and train your muscle. With weightlifting gloves you can now relax and not worry about weights slipping from your hands.

Another important reason why people like to use weightlifting gloves is that it makes lifting weights comfortable and easy. As most weightlifting gloves come with a long grip which can benefit bodybuilders carry weight comfortably and without risking an injury. Sometimes weights can be cold, especially in winters, and in those times holding a cold weight barehanded can be very uncomfortable. Gym gloves can eliminate such problems and protects you from unpleasantness of lifting chilling weights.

Especially designed gloves for weightlifting can also help relieve some pressure which is placed on hands while heavy lifting. This enables you to surpass the limitations of your hands by carrying much more weight than usual.

Wrist Support
A quality gym gloves with wrap around strap offers an extended wrist support for vulnerable wrists. It is also helpful when you are trying to lift weights above your capacity. Pulling off such heavier weights can be dangerous especially when you don’t have a wrist support in shape of straps.

Increased Lift
Gym glove that includes wrist straps is known to make you tougher, as it equally distributes the weight across your forearms. It works best during pulling workouts such as upright rows or deadlifts. With wrist straps attached to the weights you can successfully lift much heavier weights than usual.

Using a gym gloves is a personal choice, if you are not into heavy lifting or professional bodybuilder than there is no need of buying them. Use them only when you have to lift heavy weights.



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