Christmas is just right the corner and you want to surprise your precious children with something that will make them happy for quite some time. This Christmas keep your kids’ fitness intact with these gift ideas for children that will make them forget Santa’s presents.

Kids Boxing Gloves

Let your child box out his stress by getting him Kids Boxing Gloves from RDX Sports. Available in cute designs such as Spiderman and Pirates, these fitness products are extremely sturdy underneath their attractive exterior. Their unique built helps keep little hands well-protected during nastiest encounters. Built for sparring as well as boxing, they can be used by your child to his fullest without showing any signs of wear and tear. They are constructed with a handmade mold design, so that your little boxer can correct his punching style. The product has anti-wicking properties that keep moisture off those tiny hands, keeping them sweat-free. So this Christmas provide your child with a supreme boxing experience by purchasing these functional and durable boxing gloves.

Gel Gum Shield Mouth Guard

Protect those sparkling teeth from potential hazards in and outside the ring with an amazing Gel Gum Shield Mouth Guard from RDX Sports that comes with a boil-and-bite feature to fit perfectly into your child’s mouth. The guard provides full protection to the mouth cushioning the molars too, so that your little one is safest while chasing his dreams. This extremely useful sports product is delivered to its customers in trendy branded case, so that you can easily carry or store it. The mouth guard has a shell-shock gel technology that significantly reduces impact from worst blows. Ideal for Boxing, Muay Thai, Rugby and MMA, this handy tool is a must-have to ensure the safety of your child. So this Christmas, show how much you care about your child’s protection and safety by getting him this durable mouth guard.

Open Face Head Guard

Your child is a combat sports enthusiast and wants to box like Anthony Joshua. This Christmas celebrate his potential by getting him a handy Open Face Head Guard from RDX Sports. Make sure that your child’s stride to sucess is unaffected from deadly blows and shots. Its stylish design is moulded to fit head’s natural shape keeping it safe from all injuries. Manufactured from best quality leather, this product is meant to last the entirety of childhood. So look nowhere else and get this extremely essential item to protect your little fighter from brutal injuries and blows.


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