She is your universe, your nucleus around which you and everything related to you keep orbiting. While you are destined to stay connected to her for long, it is important to show your electrifying love to her. And what other better day you can exhibit the magic than on Cyber Monday. With electrifying surprises just a click away, you can show her the magnetism of your love. All you have to do is to avail Cyber Monday deals for her from RDX Sports.

F23 Gym Gloves With Skipping Rope

This Cyber Monday, it’s all about pairing. Give her a package that would fulfill all her fitness needs. Whether you are looking to compliment her on drive for fitness or want to notch up her health goals, F23 Gym Gloves with Skipping Rope from RDX Sports is a package that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Aesthetically pleasing, the gym gloves come with a floral design and are made up of breathable Lycra material that keep her delicate yet determined hands fully ventilated even during a churning session. The area on the palm is constructed using Suede so that she can hold onto things without incurring any damage to her beautiful hands. The PVC coated steel wire skipping rope acts as a cherry on top of the cake. With an ample length of 3000mm, she can jump to her heart’s fill without the fear of entanglement. Now is the time to avail Cyber Monday deals for her to add a little spark into her life.

FL4 Ladies Focus Pads With Gloves

Sometimes, it’s just black and white and nothing else. FL4 Ladies Focus Pads with Gloves are the perfect ode to her monochrome ambition. Specifically handcrafted using Flora Skin along with Suede trimming to make them last, these gloves readily absorb any moisture during a strenuous session with their sweat-wicking inner material while SPP ventilation ensures a steady flow of air. Paired with similar focus pads that come with thicker mold for maximum shock absorption, you can her promise her endless sessions. Excellent for improving speed and skill, it’s time of the year to let her experience her jolting passion. This Cyber Monday, add fire to her fitness flames by getting her FL4 Ladies Focus Pads with Gloves from RDX Sports

Zero Impact G-Core Punching Bag Set

Looking to add an impact on her life this Cyber Monday? Consider getting her RDX F15 4ft 17pc Punch Bag Set from RDX Sports that promises utility and durability for her fiery fitness needs. With its premium features that promise the right sway and the needed resistance against external pressure, the punching bag is constructed in a manner that it allows the force executed on it to be equally dispersed on the bag. Coupled with high quality gloves, you can galvanize your Cyber Monday, together.

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