This Saturday night American Frank Mir and Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko will be encountering each other at Allstate Arena in Rosemont as the main event of Bellator 198. The brawl will witness Russian legend head to Bellator to secure a spot to capture heavyweight gold against 38-year-old former UFC champ.


To highlight his glorious past, Fedor will step into the cage on Saturday night in an attempt to add one more gold to his belt. Keeping him on his guard is the former UFC champ Frank Mir, who will try to snatch the much-desired opportunity from Fedor.

As the match nears, the excitement level among fans seems to be shooting up. Two previous title-holders from opposite organizations will face off each in a most-awaited, dreaded brawl.

Both artists are known for their fighting prowess, always willing to strike stunning stanzas.

Frank Mir is known for his uncommon moves and will look for opportunities to extend southpaw stances while in commotion within the cage. He is fond of piling shattering kicks coupled with lead uppercuts and check-hooks. After training with Angelo Reyes, the American has evolved into a dynamic powerhouse, offering some serviceable wrestling.

In his last bouts, he successfully trounced upon three out of four opponents, displaying fiery power combined with staggering punches. The American artist can easily switch into his orthodox style within boxing range, displaying improved fight intellect.

Though some serious strengths, Mir will have problem banking on them because of his faux pas nature especially with an opponent who is known to cause some serious damage within the cage.

Known to tighten the reins of pressure and power on his rivals, Emelianenko will come forward with his cold stare and his left pawing hand. Any offending move by his opponent, the Russian will close on the distance with his devastating punches, causing menacing collisions.

If the brawl continues on before any one of the fighter is deposited in the initial round, it is sure to offer a spine-chilling encounter between veterans of contrasting styles.

“The Last Emperor’s” inherent sambo style makes him a safe bet in the bout. However, Mir’s recent transformation into an adept wrestling cannot be overlooked, making him probable to seal the deal.

Prediction: Frank Mir seems to be offering more right now.


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