22.03.2014– RDX is joining hands with World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) as the main sponsor of the Italian Kickboxing WAKO World Cup and Italian Open 2024, in Pala Invent, Jesolo Lido (VE), Italy.

As the main sponsor of the Italian Kickboxing World Cup (IKW) 2024, RDX Sports proudly stands at the forefront of combat sports. The company’s commitment extends beyond mere sponsorship; it is deeply invested in elevating the sport globally. The IKW is not just an event—it’s a celebration of passion, skill, and dedication.

Italian Kickboxing World Cup and Italian Open 2024

Join us in Jesolo Lido (VE), Italy, from 19th to 24th March 2024, as we witness the clash of titans at the Pala Invent. This big event promises lots of action and is a game-changer for the sport. With 3,000 athletes from 50 countries and three continents competing at the highest level, the IKW 2024 is a testament to kickboxing’s global appeal. While the event is closed to the public, its impact will resonate far beyond the arena.

The World Association of Kickboxing Organizations

WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) is the beating heart of kickboxing. With a rich history and a global reach, WAKO sets the standards for excellence in the sport. From amateur competitions to professional showcases, WAKO’s influence resonates across continents. As the IKW’s governing body, WAKO ensures fair play, safety, and the growth of kickboxing.

RDX Sports: Fighting the Good Fight

At RDX Sports, we don’t merely observe; we actively fuel the fight. Our cutting-edge gear, innovative training equipment, and unwavering support empower fighters worldwide. Whether it’s a seasoned champion or an aspiring athlete, RDX stands by their side. The IKW 2024 embodies our mission—to elevate combat sports, inspire greatness, and leave an indelible mark on the sport we love.

Together, we shape the future of combat sports!


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