“The Last Emperor” reminded MMA fans of his glorious past in a rousing display of speed and skill. In a quick series of events, the Russian veteran took less than 1 minute in inflicting a TKO stoppage to his American rival Frank Mir on Saturday night at Allstate Arena in Illinois.

The round opened with former PRIDE champion getting hold of Mir with an uppercut as he advanced forward. The wicked move caused Mir drop face flat onto the floor. This did not stop “the Last Emperor” as he continued hitting with his left hand on the face of fallen former UFC heavyweight champion until referee Mike Beltran stepped in.

With his current win under his belt, Fedor has inched up to non-contest 37-5. He has emerged victorious in his six fights out of previous seven, and it makes it his first win after last four lost fights on American soil. On the other hand, the loss was Frank’s debut Bellator performance while losing seven out of nine previous bouts.

Fedor’s quick ascent in the Heavyweight World Grand Prix will make him face Chael Sonnen in a semi-final fight.


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