Knockout Chaos lives up to its name! Joshua starched Ngannou in just two rounds, putting him down three times. The former UFC champ was out cold after a right hand in the second and needed oxygen. Brutal stuff in AJ vs Ngannou results, indeed!

This win marks Joshua’s fourth straight victory after those tough losses to Usyk. He sent a clear message to Fury, who watched from ringside after his own close call with Ngannou last year.

Remember Fury’s struggle against Ngannou? Joshua looked sharp in comparison. Now he waits to see how the heavyweight title picture unfolds with Fury and Usyk’s upcoming fight.

Elsewhere on the card, Joseph Parker is back on track! He grabbed the WBO interim heavyweight title with a majority decision over Zhang. This could put him in line for a shot at the big boys, Fury or Usyk (even though they’re training partners).

Parker had a rough go though, getting knocked down twice. But Zhang just wasn’t active enough to steal the rounds.

Split decision drama in the featherweight fight! Rey Vargas held onto his WBC title with a draw against Nick Ball. A close one, but champions keep their belts in draws.

Want a deeper dive into this epic night? RDX Sports takes you in fine details of how this clash of titans played out in this comprehensive AJ vs Ngannou post-fight breakdown account.

AJ vs Ngannou Knockout Chaos Results

  • Anthony Joshua defeats Francis Ngannou via second-round knockout
  • Joseph Parker defeats Zhilei Zhang (c) via majority decision (113-113, 114-112, 115-111)
  • Rey Vargas (c) vs. Nick Ball ends in a split draw (114-112, 110-115, 113-113)… Vergas retains the title
  • Israil Madrimov (c) defeats Magomed Kubranov via fifth-round TKO for the vacant WBA super welterweight title
  • Mark Chamberlain defeats Gavin Gwynne via fourth-round TKO

AJ vs Ngannou Highlights

Riyadh witnessed heavyweight fireworks! Joshua and Ngannou threw down in a fight billed as “Knockout Chaos,” and it lived up to the hype. Redemption for AJ, intensity for Ngannou – the tension was thick before the first bell even rang.

Round one erupted like a thunderclap! Joshua unleashed a right hand that detonated on Ngannou’s chin, sending him crashing to the canvas. The crowd held its breath, but Ngannou, fuelled by warrior spirit, climbed back to his feet.

Round two also saw Joshua take control. He unleashed a relentless assault that overwhelmed Ngannou. The former UFC champ crumpled, and the ref waved it off – knockout! A brutal, but decisive victory for Joshua.

The KO was scary. Ngannou was out cold and medical attention rushed in. Thankfully, he recovered enough to walk back to his corner later, where a visibly concerned Joshua offered some consolation.

AJ vs Ngannou Play-by-Play

Round 1: Ngannou started swinging with a long left hook, but AJ kept his cool and focused on his jab. They traded punches briefly before Joshua landed a clean right hand that dropped Ngannou hard. The Frenchman barely made it back to his feet at the count of eight, but Joshua wisely played it safe for the remaining seconds of the round.

Round 2: Ngannou switched stances after the knockdown, but it didn’t help much. Joshua dominated with his jab, feinting and targeting both Ngannou’s head and body. Ngannou kept falling for the feints, and though he landed a jab of his own, Joshua remained in control. Another right hand sent Ngannou down again, but this time he wasn’t getting back up.

Lights Out, The Official Decision: Joshua finished things with a brutal overhand right that put Ngannou flat on his back, unconscious. The ref stopped the fight at 2:38 of round two, and Joshua emerged the clear victor.

AJ vs Ngannou Results Shock the World!

The AJ vs Ngannou heavyweight clash was expected to be a close fight, but the result left everyone stunned. Joshua dominated the fight, culminating in a shocking knockout victory that has sent shockwaves through the boxing world.

Check out the reactions below to see just how unexpected this outcome turned out to be.

What’s Next for Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou?

After back-to-back losses to Usyk, Joshua has been on a comeback trail, racking up wins. This dominant victory over Ngannou further strengthens his case for another shot at the heavyweight crown.

Ngannou’s performance surprised many. He translated his devastating power from MMA surprisingly well, even taking Tyson Fury to a split decision in his boxing debut.

This fight could be a turning point for Joshua’s confidence. After struggles in the past, he delivered a dominant performance against a powerful foe. Promoter Eddie Hearn believes this win is just a stepping stone to Joshua reclaiming a world title.

With a win under his belt, the focus might shift to a potential clash with Tyson Fury. Both champions have dominated the division, but haven’t yet faced each other. Fury’s upcoming fight with Usyk in May will determine the path forward for a potential mega-fight between Fury and Joshua.

Ngannou’s next move is a question mark. While he’s scheduled for an MMA fight against Renan Ferreira, his impressive boxing showing might make him reconsider his future.

Final Word

The dust has settled on a truly unforgettable night of boxing. “Knockout Chaos” lived up to its name in spectacular fashion, with Anthony Joshua delivering a dominant performance that shocked the world.

Joshua’s resounding victory over Francis Ngannou reignites his championship aspirations. The win not only puts him back in the heavyweight title conversation, but also sets the stage for a potential mega-fight with Tyson Fury, the other major force in the division. The outcome of Fury’s upcoming clash with Usyk will determine the path forward for this highly anticipated heavyweight showdown.

Meanwhile, questions linger about Ngannou’s future. Despite the loss, his impressive performance against the veteran Fury shows his ability to translate his power to the boxing ring. Whether he opts to remain in boxing or return to MMA remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Ngannou’s fighting spirit and raw talent ensure he’ll be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.


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