American flyweight artist and freestyle wrestler Henry Cejudo hasn’t been too lucky with gold. Not that the 31-year-old doesn’t have the skill to bag the glittery accolades. The Olympic gold medalist had the opportunity to hang the gold on his wall two times, yet he recently headlined the news as he lost both his accolades, the latest being his flyweight belt which he obtained by defying all odds and beating opponent Demetrious Johnson. However, he has been lucky to have found his flyweight gold back again.

Right after making waves by grabbing a victory that many thought was too big for him, Henry Cejudo flew to Moscow to celebrate UFC Moscow’s card. But an elevated Cejudo lost his luggage en route.

Prior to this incident, 31-year-old fighter had lost his Olympic gold in a house fire. According to the artist, the fire was so wild that it almost killed him and he had to run out of his house bare-foot to save his life, leaving behind his hard-earned accolade to turn to ashes.

After his loss, this is what the reigning flyweight champ said to the media in Moscow,

“Unfortunately, my belt is in my luggage. So now, on top of my gold medal, now it’s my belt. I don’t know what it is about gold. I can’t keep it.”

However, Henry Cejudo asserted that he wasn’t too upset about the loss. According to the Messenger,

“Let’s be honest, material comes and goes. It’s the memories, it’s the legacy that comes with being a champion. I’m going to get a gold medal back. I’m going to get a belt back. But it’s the memories that come with that that makes it special.”

Though Henry emphasized that merely losing the gold didn’t bother him much, now that the 31-year-artist is reunited with it, he has shown immense pleasure in getting it back.

The Messenger shared the news with the world via Instagram.

“Don’t you ever leave me again.”- Henry Cejudo

While most of UFC pundits and gurus are of the view that Henry Cejudo should encounter Demetrious Johnson once again in a rematch, any such possibility has been ruled as the Mighty Mouse is unfit to fight at the moment. Lately, Henry has showed interest in battling TJ Dillashaw on bantamweight’s canvas, to which, Dillashaw has also responded favorably, only saying that he was ready to lock horns with the flyweight champion within 125lb. division. Whether the fight would materialize for bantamweight division or for the flyweight belt, which Cejudo had almost lost, is yet to be seen.

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