Sick of your old-school cardio workout that isn’t producing satisfying results. Give yourself a hard time and convert your intense training into a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

According to the survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, it is one of the leading fitness trends (along with bodyweight training) for 2017.

HIIT is all about utilizing your 100{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} effort and energy through quick yet intense exercise bursts. Each intense training interval is followed by a short yet active recovery interval.

According to Eric Salvador, NASM, NSCA, head instructor at The Fhitting Room in New York City,

“Intense exercise will help burn more fat and calories than regular aerobic and steady-state workouts.”

When it comes to HIIT workouts, they have many fitness and weight loss benefits. HIIT workouts also allow you to customize and play with a variety of training exercises easily.

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Did you know you can perform the same HIIT workout using a fairly simple fitness accessory? Yes, we are talking about that jump rope used only by kids very often.

This incredibly cheap fitness accessory can help you burn three times as much fat as steady-state cardio.

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Why Should I use Skipping Rope For HIIT?

One of the top most HIIT workouts is running, and it is quite popular among athletes. Here is why you must use skipping rope for HIIT:

  • It is an intense full body exercise. It almost utilizes your every muscle to burn more fat.
  • Short and high intensity skipping rope exercises boost your metabolism.
  • Switch intensity of your jump rope HIIT instantaneously without worrying about the lag.
  • Smooth on our ligaments and joints even when you are skipping it very wrong. Poses less risk of injury.

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HIIT Workouts Using Skipping Rope

We have compiled a list of 5 best HIIT workouts that you can perform with skipping rope alone.

1. Basic HIIT With Skipping Rope

You can switch up or switch down the intensity of jumping from regular jumps to double-unders.

  1. High-Intensity Fast Skipping: 30 seconds
  2. Light Jogging/Walking: 30-60 seconds
  3. Circuit Repetition: 5-10 Times

2. Core HIIT With Skipping Rope

Preferable to burn fat and shape your body.

  1. High Knees: 30 seconds
  2. Rest: 10 seconds
  3. Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds
  4. Rest: 10 seconds
  5. High Knees: 30 seconds
  6. Rest: 10 seconds
  7. Stability Ball Pushups: 30 seconds
  8. Rest: 10 seconds
  9. High Knees: 30 seconds
  10. Rest: 10 seconds
  11. Plank: 30 seconds
  12. Rest: 10 seconds
  13. Circuit Repetition: 2-3 Times

3. Full Body HIIT With Skipping Rope

This one is a versatile workout to shape all of your body parts.

  1. All-Out Jumping: 20 seconds
  2. Rest: 5 seconds
  3. Squats: 30 seconds
  4. Rest: 5 seconds
  5. All-Out Jumping: 20 seconds
  6. Rest: 5 seconds
  7. Pushups: 30 seconds
  8. All-Out Jumping: 20 seconds
  9. Rest: 5 seconds
  10. Plank: 30 seconds
  11. Rest: 5 seconds
  12. Circuit Repetition: 4-10 Times

4. Variation HIIT With Skipping Rope

This one involves slow jumping periods but with numerous variations of jump rope exercises.

  1. High Knees: 30 seconds
  2. Double Bounce: 30-60 seconds
  3. Side-to-Side Jump: 30 seconds
  4. Double Bounce (Left) 30-60 seconds
  5. Single-Leg Jump: 30 seconds
  6. Double Bounce: 30-60 seconds
  7. Single-Leg Jump (Right): 30 seconds
  8. Double Bounce: 30-60 seconds
  9. Circuit Repetition: 3 Times

5. Advanced HIIT With Skipping Rope

This one is for professional jumpers. If you are a beginner, go for regular jumping or high knees instead of foot-cross and double-under.

  1. Double-Unders: 20 seconds
  2. Rest: 10 seconds
  3. Pushups: 30 seconds
  4. Rest: 10 seconds
  5. Criss-Cross Jumps: 20 seconds
  6. Rest: 10 seconds
  7. Pike Pushups: 30 seconds
  8. Triceps Dips: 30 seconds
  9. Rest: 10 seconds
  10. Double-Unders: 20 seconds
  11. Rest: 10 seconds
  12. Shoulder-Tap Pushups: 30 seconds
  13. Rest: 10 seconds
  14. Criss-Cross Jumps: 20 seconds
  15. Rest: 10 seconds
  16. Circuit Repetition: 3 Times

Skipping rope is not just a useless piece of crap anymore. Say goodbye to that lengthy and boring treadmill workouts. Jump up and down like a trampoline jumping and burn your calories.



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