Raise your hands if you haven’t skipped rope ever? Yes, we knew that!

There is almost no one in the world who has not used this fitness accessory ever in his/her life. Either you do it for fun or training, it is one of the most commonly used sports equipment.

Jumping rope is an extremely effective cardio exercise that boosts your heart rate and metabolism. Apart from cardio workouts, you can even use it for some HIIT workouts to get in shape.

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In general, people use skipping rope for a warm-up before or after the workout. If you have a skipping rope, let us get ready to rumble. If no, don’t worry as you can buy it easily online.


Calories Burned By Skipping Rope

The amount of calories burned depends on the body weight and intensity of your training exercise. If you are using it in some HIIT workout, you can burn more calories than a cardio workout.

A chubby person can burn more calories as he/she will require more energy to jump up. A light person will lose fewer body fats as it is easy for him/her to jump rope.

American College of Sports Medicine researched to find out the calories burned by skipping rope per hour. Here is the breakdown of calories burned/hour based on your body weight and pace.

Pace Slow Medium Fast
Bodyweight Cals/hour Cals/hour Cals/hour
130 pounds/59 kg 472 590 708
155 pounds/70 kg 563 704 844
180 pounds/81 kg 654 817 981
205 pounds/93 kg 745 931 1117

10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Is it way too cold to get in the car and drive to the gym? Even if you managed to reach the gym, it is over-crowded, and you have to come back now. Is that all? What about your weight loss workout that you were supposed to perform in the gym?

Don’t worry; we got the quick, powerful, and portable solution for you. Burn 135 calories with your travel skipping rope in less than 10 minutes. Keep it wherever you want and do it whenever you want.

Step# 1

  • Grab a skipping rope and stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Move from right shoulder to left hip, then left shoulder to right hip.
  • Move arms across the body and shift weight from right to left foot gently.

Step# 2

  • Place your both feet together.
  • Jump over the rope one by one.

Step# 3

  • Swing the rope to the left.
  • Step to the left and turn twice in a circle.
  • Use left heel to your right toes.
  • Now swing rope to the right and do the above steps accordingly.

Step# 4

  • Place your feet together and jump over the rope.
  • While jumping, move forward almost 6 inches.
  • On the next jump, jump the same distance backward.
  • Keep on alternating

Step# 5

  • Repeat Step# 1

Step# 6

  • Repeat move# 4 but now move left and right instead of forward and backward.
  • Jump, move 6 inches right, land on your feet. Jump, move 6 inches left, land on your feet

Step# 7

  • Repeat Step# 3

Step# 8

  • Instead of passing rope once below your feet, do it twice.

Step# 9

  • Repeat Step# 1

Step# 10

  • Jump over the rope.
  • While landing, land on feet wider than the hip-width apart.
  • In the next turn, land with feet together

Step# 11

  • Run while passing rope under one foot at a time.

Step# 12

  • Repeat Step# 3

10 minutes and 12 steps and you are on the way of losing 135 calories! Try out this workout and share with us how did it go.

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