People, who engulf themselves Mixed Martial Arts, are walking talking killing machines with personalities. They’re usually on the peak of fitness and work like absolute beasts in the gym. It’s all about breaking yourself and rebuilding stronger. But many aspiring MMA fighters tend to confuse the workout with artificially built body and endurance through high tech machinery and well composed chemicals that beef you up in days. While those things are part of the training (too), it is the hardcore raw workouts that’ll have you testing your body’s physical limits.

MMA athletes are so well built and trained that it’ almost seems impossible to replicate their routine for any normal human being, but that is hardly the case. All you need to do is to take that first step and not look back no matter how hard it gets.

Discipline is Key

On the TV screens it may seem that all MMA fighters are mad dogs and hardly look like the person who can submissively follow a strict routine and work with multiple trainers to better a variety of skills. Compromising on discipline will bring the complete thing down and pretty soon you’ll be directionless. You have to keep at it. Repetition and persistence is key.

Eternal Endurance

Anyone can start a fight with a flurry of punching combinations and mad round house kicks but the real steel of a fighter is tested in the latter stages of the bout when all your fuel is burnt and there’s barely anything left in the tank.

Explosive exercises for 1 minute or more sets and then a quick fight with your full MMA Gear on are a good way to build endurance.

Powerhouse Plyometric

Plyometric exercises are a fantastic way to build volcanic power and speed for your MMA training routine. Try and inculcate plyometric’s as quickly as possible into your workout plan because eventually you will have to get them in so why not sooner?

Plyo push-ups, single and double arm throws, alternate side throws, squats with and without weights and high lateral hops.

Work your Core

Every single movement requires massive amounts of energy and power, and all your punches and kicks are generated from your core area which is made out of the abdominal area and the lower back. Use weights in your MMA equipment and quickly increase your level of training from simple crunches to weighted exercises.

MMA workout is not just designed for MMA professional fighters, it is also a fantastic way for fitness freaks to work out and get a well-toned and trained body.


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