Chocolates and cakes and roasts and whatnot!  You bet there’s gonna be a lot of overeating this Easter, with all those games, festivities and friends and family gatherings. There goes all your hard work that you just started putting in on your Health and Fitness. It’ll only be after the celebrations that you’ll realize exactly how far you took it.

Don’t Hold Back!

Now avoiding it isn’t exactly the way to go. Because Health and Fitness quickly start losing their appeal when they start coming in the way of your socialization. The way to go, in our opinion, is when you get to have the best of both worlds. And the way to do that is to keep things ‘Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.’

So have at it! Those Nest Cakes, Crème Egg, Hot Cross Buns, Hard Boiled Eggs, lamb roast and Simnel Cake slices await! But be prepared to do your time at the gym to cancel all of this out and stay on track your Fitness goals.

There were 5 Infinity Stones right?

HIIT Class

Look up a High Intensity Interval Training class. Attend that! It’s a workout routine that has short maximum effort exercises that are great for burning fat.


Also HIIT but with a combo of weightlifting routines. You’ll lay some serious hurt’n on ’em calories with just one class.


Start dropping down for some burpees over the next couple of days. A 15 minute session should do the trick. This full body exercise reduces 50{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} more fat than other moderate exercises.

Cycling and Running

Back to basics! The oldest total body workouts in their own respect. Neither is anything too complicated and both are actually pretty enjoyable. Keep at it for an hour and enjoy the fresh air as you burn those calories.


Another great way to shed those sweets fast is to throw a couple of right-hooks, a few left-jabs, and some uppercuts. Keep at ’em for about 20 minutes every day and you’ll be good to go.

Celebrate Easter with RDX

RDX is celebrating Easter by giving crazy discounts site-wide. You’ll even be able to find products that are going for as much as 75{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} off.

And that’s not all! The Egg Hunt has gone LIVE, so head on over to our social media pages to learn the details.

For now, we’ll leave you with a list of products that are up on sale.

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  • Breathable and moisture wicking to help keep you dry, cool and odour free.
  • A slim, anatomical fit to allow free mobility.
  • Reinforced triple stitching for gym trousers that last and last.
  • Elasticated waist with drawstring for non-slip and a snug fit.

RDX T9 Ace Leather Boxing Gloves

  • Tough authentic cowhide leather for maximum durability.
  • Shell Shock™ Gel Equilibrium Sheet for unbeatable shock absorption.
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  • Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop strap for easy adjustment and a super snug fit.
  • S.P.P™ Ventilation system with strategically placed perforations to keep hands dry.

RDX R8 MMA Fight Shorts Black/Red

  • Unique four-way stretch design allows for complete freedom of movement.
  • High-tech, breathable polyester blend.
  • Durable construction, with reinforced seams.
  • Highly adjustable Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop closure with drawstring ensures maximum comfort.
  • Awesome red and black design unique to RDX.

RDX R6 Grappling MMA Shorts

  • Innovative Fabric for Maximum Flexibility.
  • T3 stitching for higher strength and endurance.
  • Antimicrobial and odour-preventing properties.
  • Strong grip waistband for an Accurate Fit Every Time.
  • Efficiently and ergonomically designed for enhanced mobility.

RDX R5 Chronical Series MMA Shorts

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  • Ergonomically-designed with athletic cuts for free mobility.
  • Quality fabric with anti-microbial and odor-preventing properties.
  • Exclusive T3 stitching for higher strength and improved resilience.
  • Made with supreme durability, functionality and complete breathability.

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