The biggest fight in the history of UFC will be fought on October 6, 2018 as the octagon will welcome the most catastrophic artists collide in a lightweight affair. The current, undefeated champ Khabib Nurmagomedov would be defending his lightweight belt against former two-division champion Conor McGregor. UFC 229’s headliner event would mark the biggest brawl that has got fans, as well as MMA gurus speculating as to who would wear the crown of 145lb- division.

With contrasting views from fans of McGregor and Khabib alike, UFC’s fighters are also divided into two camps; one that blindly believes in Khabib’s savage power to rule, while the other that thinks Conor’s timings and explosiveness are enough to spell disaster for the reigning champ.

Urijah Faber, bantamweight title contender falls into the latter category. The former WEC featherweight champ had the chance to get to know the Irish native up, close and personal as the two coached opposite teams at The Ultimate Fighter. According to Faber, since the fight would start off from the feet, the 30-year-old artist would be able to execute his signature, fight-finishing punch.

This is what the former WEC featherweight champion had to say to about the most sensational fight in UFC.

“I think odds are in Conor’s favor, because it starts standing every round, and unless Khabib can take him down over and over again, right off the bat, the power’s a little much.”

The California Kid went on to add,

“I mean, I could be on the fence on this one, because Khabib could take him down a hundred times too. But ‘Mystic Mac’… He beat some good guys. Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, those guys don’t get knocked out often… Eddie Alvarez… yeah a lot of tough guys.”

Whom do think has the caliber to win lightweight title? Are you joining Khabib camp or McGregor league? Join the debate and let us know who deserves to be crowned.


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