Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov hopes that Daniel Cormier fights Stipe Miocic again before wrapping up his career.

It was a heartbreaking moment for Nurmagomedov to watch his teammate lose after winning for three consecutive rounds. As a teammate, Nurmagomedov considers Cormier family and a respectable fighter. It was particularly distressing when Cormier won by majority thrice against Miocic. In the fourth round, Miocic changed his game plan to consistent body shots until Cormier buckled. Cormier let down his guard finally before Miocic finished him with a few head punches.

Following the loss of the heavyweight title, Cormier suffered yet another tragic personal loss when his father passed away. It was a tough day for the fighters at the American Kickboxing Academy. Nurmagomedov issued a statement “When DC lost, it was a sad moment for us. After a couple of days, DC lost his father”. He further elaborated that losing the belt was unfortunate, but it was nothing compared to losing family.

Cormier is yet to address his future after the fight, but fans are hoping to see him regain the title. Nurmagomedov on the other hand stated, “I want him to finish his (Miocic) career”. Nurmagomedov hopes to see both fighters in a possible rematch in February or March as Cormier’s last chance.


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