Tickets have been sold, Madison Square Garden has been bought out, the fighters have cut their weight and gone through months of rigorous training for the event coming on Saturday in New York. Welcome readers to UFC 281: Adesanya Vs Pereira, the event to finally put an end to the disputes between these two kickboxing living legends and to flip up the UFC rankings to end the year.

Table Of Contents

  • Israel Adesanya Vs Alex Pereira

  • A Brief History Of Adesanya

  • Israel Adesanya On Alex Pereira

  • A Brief History Of Pereira

  • Alex Pereira On Adesanya

  • Carla Esparza Vs Zhang Weili

  • Dustin Poirier Vs Michael Chandler

UFC 281: Israel Adesanya Vs Alex Pereira

A Trilogy fight that has crossed over from the “Glory” days of both of these fighters and into the UFC main event. Israel Adesanya is the middleweight champion of the UFC. Meanwhile, Alex “Poatan ” Pereira is on a five fight win streak since leaving his kickboxing title behind and converting over to mixed martial arts.

A Brief History Of Adesanya

Over 10 years ago when Israel Adesanya decided he wanted to learn kickboxing, who would have known that he would become the Middleweight Champion of the World? The Stylebender then would go to China to pursue his dreams and leave his education behind. 

Israel would then have a long and significantly successful career at Glory Kickboxing for the next 7 years. Simultaneously Izzy would participate in multiple tournaments in New Zealand (King In The Ring), going on to win three of the tournaments he took part in. During that period (2017) his record stood high at 30 wins and 5 losses in kickboxing, of a total of 57 fights (46 wins and 6 losses) including other categories. After receiving a particularly hard knockout in early 2017 Adesanya had had enough of kickboxing and jumped over to the UFC

The Last Stylebender Adesanya is currently on a 12 fight win streak in the middleweight division, another win under his belt would tie him with the record of one of his idols Anderson “The Spider” Silva. However, the man who knocked him out in his final fight at Glory stands in Izzys’ way again. 

Israel Adesanya On Alex Pereira:

“It is [business], but it’s personal,” Adesanya said on The MMA Hour. “This is about me and my legacy. This is about rewriting history. Even though it is history and I never chased this, this is about me rewriting a new path of history and just showing people what I can really do because, again, y’all must’ve forgot. They forget, they always forget. It’s because of this TikTok era, the attention span is so quick, they move on so fast.

“So this is personal. For me, I’ve said less, he can do all the tennis ball videos and f****** hoverboard things he wants, but for me I’m just like, ‘Cool. You do you.’ He has bragging rights, so let him do that, but when it’s time I know something he doesn’t. I can’t tell you.”

A Brief History Of Pereira

Glory Kickboxing Champion Alex “Poatan” has made it his duty to get under the skin of the Middleweight Champion of the UFC. Since Adesanya’s rise to fame, Alex has been a stone in his shoe, constantly reminding him of the brilliant knockout that put Adesanya to sleep and leave Glory to seek new possibilities.

While eating away at the champs’ pride Alex hasn’t slowed his pace at all. After rolling over his division in Glory, Alex made his way to the UFC to finally chase down his prey in its natural habitat. The hunter has finally earned his right to challenge the King of the Middleweight jungle at UFC 281.

Alex Pereira On Adesanya:

“I had a bit rough and difficult life. I started working in a tire shop when I was 12, so my childhood was cut off early because I had to work, so I didn’t watch many cartoons, movies, and series. Sometimes you’ll ask me something and I won’t know how to answer and I’ll just say I didn’t watch it. Some people will say I’m an arrogant person, but my childhood was different. Most of my childhood was busy with work and trying to help provide to my family.”

“This Frozen stuff, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z — to me, makes no sense whatsoever. People that understand and believe in the cartoon might be influenced, ‘Oh, he’s going to freeze him.’ He’ll freeze me like the cartoon. Is he? But, how? I don’t know how he’s going to freeze me. Is he putting me in the fridge? Is that it? I don’t know how this cartoon works.”

UFC 281: Carla Esparza Vs Zhang Weili

A massive women’s strawweight title bout is in the cards for both of these fighters. Carla Esparza is coming into this with a 6 fight win streak, whereas Zhang Weili despite having an amazing record (25 matches, 22 wins & 3 losses) has two losses at the hands of ex-Strawweight titleholder Rose Namajunas. 

Esparza would get another extremely significant victory against a top-contending challenger for a 7 fight win-streak. The division champion would be just behind Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s record by 1 fight.

On the other hand, Zhang Weili would become the new champion given a win against Carla, surpassing the only individual to give her problems; Rose Namajunas. The Strawweight Women’s Division would be flipped on its head with an upset by Zhang at UFC 281. 

UFC 281: Dustin Poirier Vs Michael Chandler

The Diamond Poirier and Iron Michael Chandler will also be settling their disputes on the 12th of November. Both fighters had been beefing in the shadows of UFC 276 and even having to be separated by guards when they bumped into each other. But it’s been a long therapeutic walk since then with the assistance of Ex-Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier. 

Despite no longer hating each other, both of these fighters are ready to put the other’s lights out in the octagon on Saturday at Madison Square Garden, UFC 281. They both possess the capacity to knock each other out and brawl in frenzy. Not to mention between them they have so many Performance and Fight Of The Night/Month/Year accomplishments that this is bound to be a star-striking MMA bout.

UFC 281 is bound to be a superb event with how stacked the card is. The main event alone has some of the biggest names of their respective divisions and we can expect huge upsets and knockouts. RDX Sports would like to wish Iron Michael Chandler a brilliant match and an easy victory to bring home. As our ex-ambassador, we have only seen legendary performances from him and hope he evolves into a Champion once more at the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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