RDX Sports started its journey in 1999 with the thought of ‘Protection for every athlete’. With that in mind, we have made it a point to develop high-quality products that are affordable and long-lasting – meant for every athlete.  We’ve tweaked our site to further satisfy our base of over a million happy customers, to give them what they want – ease. With the head office in the UK, and daily advancements in technology and the E-Commerce industry, our customers around the World are assured a user-friendly experience where they’ll feel like we’re directly communicating with them through our website.

Our goal of creating a World full athletes inches closer to the domain. Re-launching all 9 domains currently active in the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Spain, we aim to spread our gear far and wide throughout the fitness world. Customer friendly navigation and a hassle-free online shopping experience.

With simplicity in mind, we have made sure our site is up to date and current, making it a portal of ‘today’ – seamless and easy to navigate.  Now our customers can enjoy a smooth process, browsing through an array of top quality gear that is based on years of consumer insight. We’ve incorporated everything from material, design and consumer interaction to pricing and delivery – making it all much, much easier.

This year, we are ecstatic about the newly revamped website that not only has the simplest and elegant online shopping interface but will present you with the best possible options based on your preferences. We have made our website hassle free by introducing a one-page checkout system that will redefine ease in the online shopping process. Here are some of the features you might love to read about:


Summarized and precise – all products are subcategorized to assure easy navigation. Seamless and annoyance free, we’ve done away with pop-ups and redirection pages.

Vibrant and Attractive

In the combat sports world, minimal noise is the key to choosing the product you want. We have redesigned our website in a way that it speaks a warrior’s language: classy yet fierce. All the work left now is for you to scroll through our wide range of products and choose what you need.

Hot-Selling Items

We now have an updated list on our website which will tell you all about our hottest selling products and their attributes. It is right on the home page, so you can easily go through the list and pick one or more products that appease you. It will have items like gym gloves, tracksuits, fitness gear and apparel etc. stay updated with the latest trends too!

Target Selection:

Since we have added a more concise and easy way to navigate through categories, we have also added attributes through which you can land on the product you searched for. Target your favorite product based on preferences and we’ll give you everything you need: color, age, gender, material, weight, size etc. So you won’t be going through 5 or 6 different pages to find what you’re looking for.

Gear Recommendation

If you are starting new and you are researching for the best protective gear products, you’ll be happy to know that our website will give you complete details on the product according to preference: size, color, weight, material, gender, and product preferences. Save time and learn about your favorite product in the meantime.

Mobile and desktop friendly

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to place your orders on the phone which you have on the go and you love? This is exactly why RDX Sports has designed the website in a way that it looks flawless on your phone. You’ll have all the features, products and attributes in your hand. Our website is just as efficient on the phone as it is on your laptop or desktop.

News and Blog

MMA, Boxing, Muay-Thai and all the new fitness and sports news and updates are available on our corporate too. So while after you have placed your order, you can check and find updates on discounts, arrivals, contests and fitness articles on our corporate blog.

Want more? We have it!

Along with millions of happy and satisfied customers, RDX Sports is working with several clubs, resellers, and gyms to engage our target audience and know what changes are needed to make our products better. We are currently facilitating over 1100 clubs and over 400 resellers globally which improve our trade opportunities and increases our audience. Our goal, Protection for every athlete is our sole purpose and we make sure of it by working with top fighters like Michael Bisping, Anthony Joshua, Randy Couture, Damian Norris, etc.

We will announce a new update soon, which will involve regional languages, so the customer can navigate RDX Sports website in his/her regional language.

Without our customer’s feedback, complaints, and valuable suggestions, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Visit our website today, and experience a platform that was built by you, for you.


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