RDX Sports began with its ‘Fighter Safety over Everything Else’ policy back in 1999. Since then, we have always maintained quality over everything standard. Our base of operations lies in the UK and with over a million happy customers across the globe, RDX Sports is now one of the best-selling combat sports and protective gear brand in the world. Our journey wasn’t easy, it had a lot of bumpy rides and many changes were made over the years to ensure customer satisfaction. We had one goal in our mind: To see the world full of athletes and where athleticism is the law of the land and the standard of living.

Through those bumpy rides, we discovered and studied our customers and their preferences towards combat sports and protective gear and made sure that our products are not just comfortable and sturdy, but become the epitome of protection. From packaging to delivery, we made everything for the customer. We wanted to see a healthier world. We had big ideas and our company and made sure that every customer was given the best possible response to their purchases. Every day we improved our products, customer services, delivery, pricing, material and the design.

Started from the bottom and now, we are here. RDX Sports today has over 300, 000 fans globally on all of its social media platforms where every day, our customers witness training videos, endorsements from their favorite fighters and a list of never ending contests and discounts. The purpose here is to follow the same dream: Making the world healthier.

We launched our first website back in 2005-2006 and since then, we gradually equipped the web portal with tools that were not only user-friendly but had various categories and sub-categories to give the visitor an optimized experience while he surfs for his favorite products.

We are proud to announce the re-launch of our website, RDXSports.co.uk which is the best online store for combat sports and protective gear across the globe. Not only have we transformed the concept of ‘User-Friendly website’, but we have revolutionized online shopping with a one-page checkout system. Here are some of the features that are live:

  • Categorization

Every category that we have on our revamped website is summarized and subcategorized to make sure that the customer gets exactly what they are looking for. No pop-ups, no redirecting, just a simple click on the category you want to buy from and you’ll be taken to page attributes which are created to serve your needs. They are summarized and defined to make you a happy shopper.

  • Hot-selling Items

If you visit our website, you’ll see a list of hot-selling items that are our best sellers for the week. This list will be updated weekly to keep you informed of the latest trends and advancements towards fitness gear, apparel, gym suits and every kind of combat gloves. It is on the front page, so you won’t have to look further.

  • Gear Recommendation

Most athletes, when they are beginners, they lack the basic information on how and what will be the best option for them. Here at RDX Sports website, we will recommend you the best of our products that will have complete detail about the material, size, color, pricing and how they are the best in the market. Our gear recommendations include products like gloves, punching bags, fitness gear etc. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you will be able to decide what you want to buy.

  • Attribute Extension

We have a wide range of attributes we would want our customers to go through, so everything is at their disposal. Be it size, color, age group, weight or gender, we have summarized and categorized each so the customer doesn’t have to go through 50 pages and links just to find the right product. Ease of selection is what we have created for our millions of customers.

  • Vibrant and Attractive

Apart from the classy yet fierce photos, our website is now more vibrant and active so you will not get bored while you are looking for your favorite product. The background is less noisy and the design is sleek which makes it a classic example of modern age contemporary minimalistic design. All you have to do now is go to our website and select the product you want and voila. You’ll be getting it sooner than any other product you’ll order elsewhere.

  • 1 Step check-out

This is the most important and most enticing feature that we have launched. Instead of 6 step checkout for purchase, our customer can now complete his purchase on a single page. It will not only save time and frustration, but it will make it much easier for you to pick a product and order it. You won’t be getting redirected to a new link to get your account made, everything will be done and complete on a single page. This is the simplest online purchase can get and RDX Sports has refined it to the maximum.


  • Mobile and desktop friendly

Our new website is just as easy to navigate through on mobile phones as it is on the desktop. You’ll be scrolling and picking your product with the same ease and comfort. Our website is designed in a way that it gives you the most out of itself, so wherever you are, all you’ll have to do is go through the categories and pick and purchase what you like.

  • News and Blog

RDX Sports has an updated blog which has boxing, MMA and fitness related articles along product reviews, news and videos. You’ll stay updated with the combat sports world while getting a chance to sign up for our newsletter to get updates about new products, discounts, contests, and news.

Plenty more to come!

While serving individual customers, RDX Sports joined hands with many outstanding clubs and resellers to evaluate consumer response and to enhance trade opportunities. RDX is currently affiliated with over 1100 clubs and 400 resellers across the globe so our global enterprise is accessible to every athlete, young and old. We have worked with ambassadors including Michael Bisping, Anthony Joshua, Randy Couture, Brad Tavares and more. We will soon be announcing an update which will redirect customers to their regional domain. It will be in their regional language so they can easily navigate and select the product they want.

The purpose behind this grand re-launch is to ensure our customers that for us, the safety of an athlete is a top priority. Our customers are very important to us, and that is why we have made sure that we serve them with the best services available in this modern world. So gear up, be the best you can be, release the giant inside you and indulge yourself in the world of combat sports, knowing that RDX Sports has got your back.


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  1. I am a loyal RDX Sports customer and admire the blog of its insight and well researched pieces. The website launch in UK is brilliant news and i wish you guys all the best.

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