It’s not unusual to sweat off your whole clothes during a workout. And then you find some people bundled in vinyl clothing, working out vigorously to accelerate the weight loss regime. While some serious cardio might help you burn your calories, you can enhance the overall effect by wearing a sauna suit. Research has indicated that a combination of heat therapy and exercise improves cardiovascular health. Sauna suits workouts increase aerobic fitness, help the body burn fat while lowering down the sugar content and aid in weight loss.

The Mechanism

Sauna suits comprise of two-piece attire: the top and bottom. Only the head, neck, face, hands and feet are uncovered. The neckline, and cuffs are flexible and fit according to the user’s size, capturing the body heat within the suit. The sauna weight loss mechanism is simple. By trapping the body heat, it makes the body sweat more, making it lose weight fast. However, while it may seem a very effective way to shed off pounds quickly, it is important to know that the weight lost is totally water weight and comes back on as soon as you redeem your water intake. This type of weight loss is extremely useful for people who want to lose weight immediately just before a weigh in such as a wrestler, boxer or a body builder.

General Guidelines

While choosing to perform exercises in a sauna suit, it is important to keep the following guidelines in mind.

  1. Before starting off with any workout using a sauna suit, discuss it with your health care provider. Certain health conditions or medications may cause health hazards while working out with increased body temperature.
  2. Keep your water intake in check and ensure that you are well-hydrated before performing an exercise so that your body’s water supply remains adequate.
  3. Start with a warm-up exercise so that your body gradually adjusts to heat changes rather than experiencing drastic body temperature variation.
  4. In order to obtain optimal results, exercise 3-5 times in a week for about 30-60 minutes during a workout.
  5. For best results engage in exercises that target major muscle groups and accelerate your heart rate. E.g. boxing, running, riding a bike, you can also obtain desirable results by performing strength training exercises.

Exercise Frequency And Intensity

Usually people ponder about the frequency of workout while wearing a sauna suit. Moreover, many people cannot assess how intense their workout should be. Since sauna suit workout adds extra body temperature to a strenuous exercise, it is very important to start off with a low intensity exercise for a short time interval. This would help the body get accustomed to the heat changes and then respond accordingly.

Different Workouts

Sauna suits can be used in a variety of workouts. You can use them during a high intensity HIIT or while riding a bike. The point is to make your body lose water weight by sweating it up. However, you can notch up your weight loss goals by incorporating a sauna suit into the following workouts.

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Circuit Training


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