You enjoy good company but are not comfortable of tying yourself into a burdensome, mundane relationship. Being single is meant for you and you want to celebrate the phenomenal day that pays ode to people who prefer individuality and freedom. While staying single is your trademark, it’s time to forget about the world’s worries and celebrate the day of sole warriors by getting these exciting gifts for yourself from Singles’ day deals for him.

F15 Noir Black Boxing Gloves

You are not a quitter. You are not afraid to take risks and face challenges, and can adeptly turn them into meaningful opportunities. And this precisely why you prefer investing in gear that won’t quit either. This classic and dauntless combat sports gear is exactly what you need to resonate with your strength and ambition. Noir Black Boxing Gloves from RDX Sports are just the right tools to speak out your mind out inside a boxing ring this Singles’ day. Whether you are looking to take up a friendly challenge or batter a lethal enemy, these boxing gloves are an accessory you can rely on blindly. Made with ConvEX skin leather exterior, they lock any impact in their indestructible outer, keeping your hand safe from any injury. The gear is layered with EVA padding along with a Quadro-Dome mould that makes it impossible for pain to permeate through these defensive tools. Looking to enjoy you single status with style? Consider investing in a pair that would stay committed to you for long.

S2 Leather Speed Punching Ball

Want to speed up your fitness goals this Singles’ day? Considering getting yourself Leather Speed punching ball from RDX Sports. Guaranteed to provide you a cumbersome challenge along with an entertaining evening, the leather ball is exclusively hand-stitched with a robust steel swivel. Whether you punch away your ambitions or your aggression, this equipment is ready to be by your side through thick and thin. With its HG Steel and B-Balancing system, the ball rebounds perfectly every time you execute a blow. If you are learning to punch or looking to notch up your speed, it can help you translate your dreams into reality. This Singles’ day listen to your heart and get what your hands yearn for.

R1 Adjustable Weighted Vest

Get more results from your fitness regime. Simply up the game by getting this Adjustable Weighted Vest from RDX Sports. Whether you are fond of running or enjoy pumping iron at the gym, the vest enhances the overall effect of your workout. This functional ‘body armor’ helps improve your muscles’ strength and visibility. Extremely convenient to wear and take off, the belt comes with a wraparound hook and loop belt which you can adjust according to your size. To add more intensity, consider using removable weights, making it customized according to the level of resistance you are comfortable working with. Constructed with a moisture-repelling layer, the vest keeps you dry even during the most grueling sessions.

X6 Men’s Bodybuilding Vest

Enjoying a single’s life is no less than living in a la-la land. It is a blessing in disguise that helps you achieve all your dreams. Up your strength and style this Singles’ day by getting this trendy Men’s Bodybuilding vest from RDX Sports. Designed with unique body mapping technology, the fabric allows the air flow, making it extremely comfortable to wear. Its Coolmax threads halt moisture from accumulating and keeping the skin dry. An anatomic cut coupled with stretch fabrics allows unrestricted movements. This Singles’ day explore your full potential with this trendy, functional, bodybuilding vest.


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