Mixed Martial arts (MMA) has already established itself in various countries, hosting tons of events worldwide. This includes various fighting categories covering many weight levels. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the most popular among the many organizations in this business. The participants require proper professional equipment that can withstand hours of rigorous professional training. MMA Training equipment comes in many forms and sizes that cater to casual as well as professional training sessions. If you are looking for the latter form of MMA training equipment, keep reading to find out the best for your needs.

Fighters require premium quality equipment to help them train without worrying about durability or sweat absorption. Both trainers and trainees need the best in terms of flexibility, sweat absorption and much more for their training sessions. It does not matter if you are preparing for UFC, PFL, Bellator or a local gym session, choosing equipment has never been easier. Rdx Sports has always been active in preparing you for the training sessions that enhance your confidence for the upcoming events. The following items will get you started and support your training needs.

  1. MMA Gloves

Your punching potential is significantly reduced without proper MMA gloves. For MMA athletes, gloves need to enhance punching power by providing unbeatable durability and comfort. Ordinary gloves wear out easily and do not provide much sweat absorption during training.

Companies have various categories which cover one attribute better while compromising on other required for the glove. It is therefore difficult to recognize a single item that provides a balance of the required features. Rdx Sports has your needs covered with its specially designed equipment that delivers the strong ‘punch’. RDX provides you with options that cater to both casual and professional training. It combines the attributes of ideal MMA training equipment to make the proper sturdy, impact-absorbing glove. Pick your pair of ideal MMA gloves from a wide variety of categories and start training with enhanced capabilities. The gloves allow breathing space and enhanced grip for a solid fit.

  1. Hand Wraps

Now that you have decided to train, it is necessary to exercise safety during training. Gloves need proper hand wraps to protect your hands for longer training sessions. Hand Wraps and Gloves are equally important for training your hands. The wraps should cover your hands tight enough to withstand repeated blows together with the glove. It should be complete with a tightly fit design without restricting mobility. Rdx Sports brings you the newest AURA (Shield) range that keeps you protected throughout your training. The company has therefore established itself producing high-quality, 4.5 meters extended wraps complete with unmatched elasticity.

  1. Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are specifically designed for punching bags and boxing pads. The bag glove has comparatively less padding compared to the usual boxing glove because with a bag glove, you do not have to worry about hurting your opponent or punching too hard. A bag glove is also usually smaller than a boxing glove. The only similar characteristic of a boxing and bag glove is that of the wrist wrap that is necessary to provide good grip that does not make the hand slip inside the glove. Like boxing gloves, it is necessary to invest in a good pair of bag gloves too as your punch would mean nothing if the glove is not powerful enough to sustain the strength and power you exhibit. Made with a sturdy Maya Hide™ leather and boosted with a quadruple padding plus shock-absorbing gel and foam, RDX 1P Boxing Bag Gloves are sure to give you the experience of a lifetime while bag boxing. Giving you maximum comfort and providing ultimate protection.

  1. Focus Pads

Your trainer might be wondering why the trainee’s punches are no longer deflecting properly. This suggests that the pads are torn or weak now forcing the trainer to fully absorb the impact, hindering training. Therefore, you need strong but durable focus pads that enhance your punching potential. Focus pads are essential for MMA training as they should be designed to absorb sweat and be tight enough to provide maximum grip. Absorb your trainee’s heavy strikes with ease with the new RDX Aura T17 Focus pads that enhance your training experience. The new Kalix Skin technology has superior leather that guarantees enhanced absorption.

  1. Punch Bag

An ordinary punching bag tears under fluctuating temperatures or after absorbing a few good blows and an intense MMA session. Get ready to be amazed by the options and packages that Rdx Sports has to offer. Punch your worries away with the new Rdx T17 AURA Punch Bag. The enhanced Kalix Skin Combat leather absorbs your blows like no other. Twin Jacket layering allows you to deliver a barrage of blows without the bag tearing or showing any signs of damage. Comes in two sizes with 4ft or 5ft lengths. Choose your punching bag with a wide range of products that come with packages complete with gloves and mitts.

  1. Speed Ball/Bag

Power behind a punch is nothing without proper speed and placement. Therefore, athletes focus on landing as many strikes as possible with a bag that is elastic enough to keep swinging after every jab and touch. Trainees therefore look for resilient but elastic bags that focus on durability. Look no further as Rdx Sports has the perfect bags that balances the needs. The O1 Boxing Leather Speed Ball is one of many items that are built for maximum hand and eye coordination. Available in different sizes and packages to suit your needs.

Gym owners, managers, trainers or home gym aspirants- if you are interested in any of the above-mentioned products then you have come to the right place as they are available for bulk sale. Download our latest product catalog for more information.


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