Workout, Diet And Rigorous Consistency

Fitness Plans And Workouts

It’s that time of year to shred that bulk and get those muscles cut and lean. I’m talking about getting a workout plan that you understand and can commit to. But more than anything a fitness regime that gets the ball rolling for you. Whether you’re into crossfit, weightlifting, home workouts or even if you’re a regular gym goer. There’s something valuable in having a disciplined plan of exercise rather than haphazardly clinging onto it after work or school. 

For some it’s the wee hours of the morning when they can give their health some focused attention. For others it’s deep at night once the day’s struggles are over. Whatever time you end up choosing and whichever style you prefer, RDX has your back for everything fitness related. Find our fitness equipment here.

Gym Health

Cleanliness and being aware of your surroundings in the times of airborne viruses are also essential to the culture of fitness. Sanitize often and keep a sweat towel so anyone else using the equipment can use them safely too (this is especially true for metal surfaces). Remember to get a shower in after the sweat and to drink a shake or fresh juice to keep your energy levels high and to provide your body the top shelf benefits.

Balanced Diets

It’s extremely important that during this time one remembers to keep a healthy diet plan. Having your food plan scheduled can definitely assist keeping in tune and managing both your time and energy effectively. This often requires some preplanning and every person has their own requirements. However at the same time all healthy diets have some similarities. We may not get into the gritty details for every body type and weight range but most good advice for a Summer diet plan can be generalized to some extent.

Hydrate More, Water Is Life

A key to any good fitness program is regenerating all that lost sweat. In the cold of winter one may not sweat at all but in the scorching heat of the summer, the body burns more H2O than it often takes in. Remember to hydrate often especially if you’re planning to spend the day outdoors. Carry at least a 1.5 liter bottle of water when going to work, school or the gym. 

That’s just where the immense benefits begin as far as Poseidon’s realm goes. Water will assist your performance and energy levels,  beyond that it positively affects your temperature regulation and natural detoxification. Furthermore it will help you manage how much weight you lose by keeping your stomach full and allocating the resources (sugars, cholesterol, fats, etc.) you digest more efficiently. The cool water will also assist you combat joint pains and headaches post workout and reacclimate your body’s internal systems.

The Fresher Your Diet The Better

All good diets have some interlinked commonalities, understanding these are the key to that perfect Summer bod.

Let’s start with the simple yet supremely effective; lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Need it be explained? The minerals, vitamins, water and sugars in these gifts of mother nature will heal, help and boost your diet to the moon and back. Not to mention the best fruits come in season in the sweet Summer. 

Minimal, preferably very little, saturated oil or butter. Your body can only make so much use of these hard to break organic compounds. Now this is a soft limit and not a complete prohibition.  For example if you’re bulking, (which is not recommended in the Summer), you should rather find a substitute for saturated oil, like mono or polyunsaturated oil. Even then less is more valuable to your body than fried food.

More meals instead of larger meals, this helps you take less food and utilize it more efficiently. It’s not the easiest habit to implement into your diet as it involves changing a process every human learns early in their life. However it’s the most effective method in controlling a specific nutritional value in the food you eat. You want less sodium, carbohydrates, fats or any calorie content, you can accurately adjust that content with smaller portions.

Now the final piece of this puzzle. Everything above can be applied without gains but a personal diet designed for you should consistently monitor the intake of calories to stay up to date with your body’s progress. Fitness can be managed better when you have all the information and luckily there are many applications to assist you or you can keep it in check using the simple, classic method of note taking. Either way this will take all your diet strategy and your fitness plans to the next level.

Sleep Efficiently

Rest is as important as the workout itself, it allows you to regenerate muscle damage and tears, and within that healing your muscles and bones grow stronger. The core of most fitness is that you regenerate to become stronger. All your pull ups, crunches and push ups force your body to the limit, stretching, contracting and taking your muscles to their maximum capacity. This causes constrained or directed damage to your body, and hence the rejuvenation of that makes your body more powerful. Sleep is the time your body will make those changes more effectively than when you’re awake. Your heart beat will slow down and the natural healing factor will drastically improve from being awake. Hence an effective sleep schedule is necessary with any good fitness plan.

Stretches, Warm Ups And Post Workout Habits

The human body’s natural temperature in the summer can be beneficial to keeping your muscles warm and blood pumping. But that doesn’t mean a good warm up both before and after a workout or a run won’t assist it further. Getting just a few minutes of stretches in before will loosen your muscles and make them more flexible, giving them more mobility and strength.

After a workout however stretches, yoga and a post workout cooldown can help combat extreme muscle stress and the body’s fatigue. This combined with good hydration can get you up and running after a heavy gym day. Furthermore it will increase your long term stamina and rate of fatigue, also providing you time to clear your mind after an intense session.

A good cooldown can be done in many ways, from just taking it slow on a punching bag to reaching for your toes and focusing on your breathing. Making your own techniques, routines and plans are the core of getting good fitness habits. We at RDX highly recommend sampling a taste of different styles and seeing what fits you best.

Beaches, Sunscreen And Proteins

With the summer comes the glorious sunlight that takes us to the beaches, parks and treks that we love. Remember to use sunscreen when you’re outdoors to protect your skin and possibly a protein shake on the go to make sure your energy levels are on the rise. Self care is never forgotten or unimportant even with a strict power athletic mindset.

Balance In All Things

As important as it is to work hard for that perfect physique and the immaculate cuts, don’t let it all overwhelm you. Give time to your mental health during the exercise. Remember to read, meditate and train the mind simultaneously. Taking on the summer heat, over exertion in your fitness plus a diet plan you haven’t tried before can easily set you up for failure. Take each thing step by step and give yourself time to get used to and improve upon your foundation.

This summer find out what’s underneath that marble frame and chisel out your muscles into perfect form. Whether you train with a variety of equipment or keep it simple with home workouts, or train for fights and need bags and gloves, RDX has you covered with all the gear your heart can desire. Find your Summer Physique now at RDX fitness.


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