As we reach 30s, our bodies change. Our focus, motivation and nutritional needs also change due to which we need to overhaul our eating habits. The key is to focus on the right things at the right times. By giving our bodies what they need today, we can help ourselves stay as healthy and energetic as possible. According to a survey by Spire Bristol Hospital in the UK, people embrace a healthier lifestyle and improve their eating habits at 35 – a time when they become familiar with the concept of mortality.

If you have hit your thirties mark, then exercise and a healthy lifestyle are no longer a choice but rather they became a part of your life. As we get into our thirties, certain hormonal changes start to take place in the body causing loss of muscle, reduction in bone density, maximal oxygen uptake and loss of functional capacity, which affects our movement. But you can still look after your health and body by following a fitness regime and healthy diet routine because it is never too late.

Surprisingly if we look at the world’s top athletes and boxers, we will find the most successful ones in their 30s. The most prominent names in the world like Marcus Camby, Grant Hill, Derek Fisher, and Steve Nash are all in their mid-thirties.

So, though you only live once, make sure that you live well. Here are 5 workout tips that would be helpful when your three-decade of choices start weighing in. With these tips you can still look flawless, ‘cause, well, age is just a number!

Balance and flexibility focus

When you hit your 30s, keeping up with your flexibility and balance ability becomes important. Several simple exercises can be done at home and at work that can help improve your overall health, blood circulation, and nervous system. Since your body has some miles on it, the wear and tear are going to start adding up. But by doing simple yet effective exercises, you can reverse or stall some of that damage and set yourself up for a better and healthy future in your later years.


If you are not blessed with a home gym, you can always hit the streets or treadmill. A workout routine focused on cardio has its advantages that will help burn a lot of calories and stay in superb cardiovascular shape. By taking out time regularly from your hectic schedule, you can preserve your health in your 40s and 50s.

Traditional lifts

If you have the time and access to a gym with barbells, building a basic workout routine around the three basic lifts such as the deadlift, squat, and bench press will help you keep the momentum from your early years. These three lifts are all you require to keep yourself in shape and keep your muscles firm and toned. However, you need to incorporate a proper diet to make it more effective.

Weight-management workouts

With your workload and family life, you may find it difficult to hit the gym. Your work management should be in line with your diet plan because if you do not keep your diet under control, the exercise will not be that as effective as it should be.

HIIT Exercises

High-intensity Interval Training is one of the top workout solutions when you are short on time. Alternate 20 seconds of intense work squats, push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, or lunges with 10 seconds of interval. Aim for 8 rounds total, and in just 4-5 minutes you will finish a workout that will reduce calories and improve your cardiovascular health.

End Note

You need to follow workout and nutrition plans for at least 12 weeks, gain weight as required and stick with your routine every week. Only then you will enjoy fruitful results.

The thirties is the time to slow down your roller coaster ride and take time to realize the magnitude of our actions. By making gradual and healthy changes into your lifestyle can keep you strong flawless looking!


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