There is no doubt that Bellator 138 has proved to be a big success, an event threatening the dominance of UFC in the MMA industry; but there is much more to the story. What excites us is the quality and entertainment the MMA promotion was able to produce for an event with comparatively much less promotional activity.

All fights were very good, but the fight that truly forced us to ponder about the future of MMA was the Lashley Charles fight. The following are three things we learned from the fight.

WWE Fighters can Prove Themselves in MMA

WWE is a completely different domain of sports in comparison to MMA since involves much lesser bloodshed and quality action, there are barely a handful examples of fighters acquiring success when turned professional fighters. Bobby Lashley is amongst those rare exceptions!

Lashley has been in the MMA industry for roughly six years now and has fought 13 fights from which he won 11 while losing only two, hence proving that a WWE fighter can create ripples across the MMA industry.

Tis not too Late to Seek a Newer World

Someone has rightly said that ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world’. Lashley was 37-year-old when he decided once again to switch organizations; later to put pen on paper with Bellator MMA. For many, Lashley was an old veteran trying to make some money, but jumping ships to Bellator he proved he was much more than that. He showed his critics that his entry into Bellator is meant to fulfil his un-quenching thirst to becoming a dominant fighter in professional echelons. Three fights later, Lashley stands at a much stronger position to state that he has established that fact!

Experience dominates Age in MMA

Lashley’s latest fight was against Dan Charles, which he won through a TKO in the second round. Lashley is 38 years old at the moment, while his opponent Charles is only 29 years old. Physically, Charles was supposed to be much stronger, agile, accurate and powerful, but Lashley used his vast experience to take down his younger opponent. It proved to be an easy fight for him as he made his opponent suffer in the second round by delivering very an onslaught of relentless punches.

Lashley now maintains a three-fight streak of victories in the Bellator 138 and is in a much stronger position to continue his journey for the Bellator heavyweight title.


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