To beat dehydration, you must understand one thing – water is the essence of life, and workouts too.

70 percent of your body is made up of water. When you don’t consume enough water for your body, it starts to lose its functionality making you lethargic, drained and eventually, dehydrated. Your muscles, joints, and skin need water. It helps get rid of the toxic material in your body and makes your skin appear fresh and wrinkle-free. It speeds up the weight loss process and decreases the chances of getting kidney stones. Water helps transport the nutrients in your body, hence increasing the blood flow to all areas of your body making your daily life productive and your training, effective.

According to recent research, even the best athletes aren’t staying on top of their hydration needs. According to Chris Algieri, Performance Nutrition Coach, “Hydration is often the first limiting factor in performance in even a properly fueled athlete.”

Here is the list of top tips for athletes that will help them stay hydrated.

Hydrating Foods

Indulge in a food which has a high water content. On an average, 20{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} of the water that our body gets is through food. Great for dehydration, it is added to your body along with many other nutrients. Consume foods like watermelon, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli and potatoes.


Soup is mostly water, but with tons of nutrients. You can make a soup out of anything you eat, fish, chicken, beef, bones or vegetables, you can make a soup by adding beans, grains or even pasta. For added nutrition and texture add a sliced boiled egg as well. It will help relieve fever or cold, and help you avoid dehydration too.

Lemon Water

Add flavors to water to make it more fulfilling. Add lemon with a pinch of salt and mint leaves. They will help with the digestion process and give your body antioxidants and potassium. It will help keep your cells healthy and the citric acid will help with the digestion and for you to prevent kidney stones.

Sparkling Water

Everyone loves a little dazzle. Add it to your water too. Make your own drinks at home by adding fizzy water to lemons, berry extracts, and honey. Nutritious and fun, you’ll be happy you’re drinking water.

Carry a bottle

It will save money too. Every time you go out, take the water bottle with you. You’ll be able to drink water whenever you feel thirsty because you’ll know that you have access to it and don’t have to find a store to buy a bottle.

Drink water before every meal

This has been said to us many times before we begin a meal. And it is the best water advice out there. Every day when you are beginning your meal, just drink a whole glass of water. It will help fulfill your appetite and you won’t overeat. It will help you lose weight at least 50{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} faster.

Get Technology’s help!

There are so many fitness applications out there, even apps that remind you that you should drink water based on time and temperature at your location. They will also help you track how much you had and how much you need to consume.

When should you drink?

Your body chemistry drives the water needs in your body. Your body gives you signs like dark urine and a lethargic feeling. You should then consider adding more than 2 liters of water in a day. Even the UFC champion, Conor McGregor explained in his Notorious diet plan that you should have at least 2 liters of water.

Every day when you wake up, drink two glasses of water. Hydrate yourself when you workout, when you go for a bike ride or for running. It will help you stay fresh, active and healthy as we have mentioned in all the above points. For more, visit our Healthy Eating and Weight-loss sections.


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