While Mr. T has made weightlifting belts a part of his street attire, they are actually very important for anyone engaging in weightlifting. However, these days most people indulging in this activity tend to overlook the necessity and importance of these belts.

Latest research on weightlifting belt usage reported that only 27 percent of gym members who contributed in the research used a belt and the trend is in serious decline. This may be because there is widespread confusion regarding the pros and cons of using weightlifting belts.

Unfortunately this trend has been discouraged by numerous “experts” on training. According to them, weightlifting belts are more like a brace and using one reduces strength of the lower back muscles (erector spinae) and “core strength” in general.

On the contrary, lifting belts actually help increase the use of the abs and lower-back muscles. Research shows that wearing a belt while lifting increases the use of back muscles by up to 25 percent. They have also been shown to increase muscle activity of the rectus abdominis. One of the neglected advantage of a weightlifting belt is that it provides support to your back while lifting. We all know how dangerous it can get if you lift with the wrong form. You can wreck your back mucle and end up hurting yourself.

Here’s a list of weightlifting belts which can help you step up your game even further:

Holding your breath in conjunction with tightening your torso creates a lot of internal pressure in your core that turns your spongy center into a rigid and strong structure. This built-up pressure is what allows you to lift or push heavier weights more efficiently without injuring your spine. The whole process sounds quite formidable and the strength and severity of leather seems to be the most dependable material for such  job. It is essential that you use premium quality leather belts for lifting purposes.

RDX Sports offers the best leather belts made of oil tanned Nubuck leather with padded protection. Reinforced stitching with heavy duty rivets and buckle guarantee the belt with stand the test of training. Soft to the touch but highly shock absorbent minimizing strain, pain or fatigue while lifting. These leather belts are contour designed to embrace the natural curves of the human body and render support.

If leather gives you an overwhelming feeling of being belted in then what could be lighter and more durable than Lycra. Lycra is a feather light stretchable material that is commonly used for gym wear. So it should not come as a surprise if weightlifting belts are also being made of this material. Lycra support belts are light and designed to deliver support that help prevent muscle strain, spasms, sprains and disc problems. RDX Sport’s Lycra Support belts are designed with durability and comfort as a priority. Made of breathable polyester and foam to guarantee a comfortable fit. The locking mechanism is hard-wearing and easy to adjust, EVA-SHEET technology gives the maximum support and helps to prevent injury to back and abdominal muscles.

Of all the belts, dipping belts are a true body builders’ tool. In reality a dip belt is simply an adjustable belt with numerous attachments for holding weights. These can be anything, from a weight plate, kettle bell, dumbbell or even a barbell setup, the choice is yours.

RDX Sports manufactures some of the toughest and most resilient dipping belts available. Made of Nylon & Neoprene, these Dipping Belts easily hook on to the weight of your choice using high-grade, rust-proof chains. Reinforced with Polypropylene webbing for added durability. HG-Steel™ steel chain with speed clip and D-shackle makes for unbreakable hardware.

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the most vital reason for wearing a weightlifting belt is enhancement of intra-abdominal pressure during heavy weight lifting. It is this particular pressure that builds a solid core, stabilizes spine and helps increase maximum power. This pressure also prevents the weightlifter from crumbling under the heavy weight.

RDX Sports offer Power Belts to brighten up any power lifting enthusiast’s day. Made of authentic cowhide leather, double-stitched and dual riveted to perfection. These high-grade steel buckled power belts will have you auditioning for Atlas in no time.


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