UFC Fight Night Calgary provided ample entertainment to its fans especially in comparison to its sister event UFC Hamburg in the previous week. The show enthralled the audience as Dustin Poirier took on Eddie Alvarez for the second time in an attempt to grab the slot for title contention. Though the gameplay involved a lot of speculation about the obvious outcome of the fight, had it not been for the untimely 12-6 elbow for Eddie Alvarez, it is apparent that Poirier has gone all out to whitewash Alvarez’s title dreams. He settled his impeding affair with his counterpart rival in a manner that clearly spoke that a perfect win is best revenge.

Fight Recap

Prior to the 12-6 elbow, Alvarez had conveniently trapped his rival on the side of the octagon, as he proceeded on to put an end to his fate by elbowing his shoulder 12-6. However, he in his mad rush for the title, Alvarez failed to realize that the rigid rules of UFC are not flexible towards any form of 12-6 strike. Referee Marc Goddard seized the moment in granting Poirier the time to gain his ground, which saw the tables turn around for the Underground King.

The 12-6 elbow threatened to halt their much-awaited encounter. However, Poirier’s carefully calculated moves and strategy made him conveniently evade his lethal bombardment and his illegal move, as Poirier dispatched a mind-blowing TKO in the second round of the fight. With his undying ambition, the overly-determined the Diamond has bagged a title shot for lightweight category.

The fight opened rather predictably as the audience felt strong nostalgia with Poirier taking the reins by extending some clearly defined shots. However, following the previous fights pattern, the raging fire was soon met with cold water in the next round.

UFC’s Fight Night appearance was the closing bout for Alvarez’s UFC contract and he was adamant to seal the deal. He came forward with many agonizing takedowns and managed to subdue with lethal punches as he fixed Poirier against the cage. An illegal move with his knee brought a quick decision by Goddard, as he allowed Poirier just the time he needed to get back to his feet.

This turn of events ignited Poirier’s fighting, as he threw a devastating straight left hand while striking a knee to the chest. The south-paw artist continued to inflict pain as the Underground is quite prone to damage. Alvarez had to take kicks, knees, forearms and punches until he fell to the ground.

Poirier sealed the deal closing a bitter affair at 4:05.


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