The purpose of a weight lifting belt is to give your stomach something to push against when your body is about to go under heavy stress. In doing so, it helps contain the pressure that you build inside your abdomen. This helps to keep your spine rigid and ready to take on some serious heavy stuff.

Your spine is anything but rigid. Its flexible nature helps in agility and endurance of the body. It absorbs stress when performing different routine tasks which would otherwise take a toll.

Helps Focus Pressure

For lifting heavy weights however, your form needs to be firm. A great deal of pressure that you build in your abdomen is focused on maintaining a rigid form. That particular forms leaves considerably less for focus on weights. This is where the weight lifting belt comes in. It helps contain pressure and gives support to maintain form. This enables you to focus that built-up pressure more on lifting than in making sure your spine doesn’t give way.

The focus here is ‘containing pressure to help maintain form’, not providing spinal support. So if you’ve got back issues this isn’t it.

Serious Heavy Stuff Only

Another thing to keep in mind is that weight lifting belts are only to be used when you’re going for serious heavy lifting. Wearing it for anything less than your maximum will actually weaken your abdominal muscles, which help protect your spine. They do so by restricting movement and providing unnecessary support. They are meant for seriously heavy ‘STANDING’ exercises.

Make Sure it’s Comfortable

Once you’ve gotten the fundamentals straight, what you need to look into is how well the belt is brought together. Bad construction can have a slew of adverse effects and they’re not going to be pretty. You need to make sure that your belt doesn’t give way under all that stress. Then you need to make sure that it’s comfortable to wear otherwise you won’t be able to focus. You might even end up with a horrible rash.

That just about covers everything you need to be aware of for the kind of workout you’re looking into or not. For more on Health and Fitness related products and articles, visit RDX Sports.

Here’s a list of fine RDX weight lifting belts that you can look into.

RDX 10mm Leather Powerlifting Belt

  • Nubuck leather for extreme toughness and shape holding.
  • Available in black or brown.
  • Comes in four different sizes – S, M, L and XL.
  • RDX-designed advanced lever clasp for unrivaled reliability.
  • Firm but comfortable design so that you can keep lifting for longer.

RDX ARLO 4 Inch Weightlifting Belt

  • Highest quality NAPPA calf-leather that is soft and durable.
  • Industrial grade, rust proof, steel buckle with roller that can last years.
  • Embossed RDX logo on the inside for a premium look.
  • Strengthened stitching to support sturdiness of the belt.
  • Quality rivets for improved weight lifting belt performance.

RDX 5D Neoprene Strength Training Gym Belts

  • Made from NEO-1™, a flexible and durable neoprene material.
  • HG-Steel™ built slide bar buckle for shatterproof closure.
  • Extra wide design measuring 5.5” for a back support belt that gives you cushioning.
  • Unique contour to fit the natural shape of your back and hips.
  • Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-Loop closure for adjustable comfort.

RDX 6DP Weight Training Dipping Belt with Chain

  • Nylofab™ nylon outer construction for an abrasion-resistant belt that lasts and lasts.
  • Made with Polypropylene webbing for added durability.
  • HG-Steel™ steel chain with speed clip and D-shackle for unbreakable hardware.
  • Contoured design to conform naturally to your lower back position.
  • Designed to eliminate problems of swinging load to enhance your workout sessions.

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