As much as boxing equipment is important for the fighters/boxers. It is equally important for the coach to have premium quality boxing coaching equipment. Defense is an important factor when it comes to boxing, if the defense is strong and powerful, it will be easier to sustain punches and high impact hits. There are four essential boxing coaching equipment that are essential for every coach to own.

  1. Focus Pads

A focus pad is a glove attached to a target and is used to train boxers and other combat athletes. Training on focus pads is the best way to develop fighting reflexes, punching and defense techniques. It also helps you develop a fighting strategy that you can use during the fight and win your way through it. Hitting the focus pad does not only help you achieve a good workout but is also intellectually stimulating. It is also among the most realistic fight training simulation next to sparring. A good quality focus pad should be light in weight and strong on the inside. The endurance level of a focus pad needs to be insane since it has to sustain the punches of different intensities. RDX’s RDX O1 Pro Training Focus Pads are one of the best creations for boxing trainers. They’re comfortable and light weight to work with as the feather weight focus pad is easy to handle and allows quick movements without extra consideration.

  1. Boxing Sticks

Now that you have decided to train your head movement and combos, boxing sticks is a good way to start. Learn to read and dodge instantly with boxing sticks that help you develop your techniques and combos. However, boxing sticks are very lightweight but can withstand continuous light blows without bending to one side. It is equally important in both MMA and Boxing to continue your barrage of combos while maintaining your stance. Whether you’re training for Boxing or MMA, RDX Sports provides a unique Boxing stick design. With its extremely lightweight properties, these sticks will take the load off your elbows and let you train your athlete with ease. The Shock-absorbent foam padding provides the perfect training experience with EVA padding on the inside of these focus sticks consolidates shock-impact without losing structural integrity or form for a long time.

  1. Punch Paddles

Punch paddles allow the trainer to feel less impact on the hand and wrist. The racket shaped punch paddles are great to add diversity, improve speed and add precision to the workout session. Coaches are advised to invest in punch paddles considering the following characteristics:

  • The handle of a punch paddle should be thick enough to provide a good grip to the trainer.
  • Should be handcrafted and stitched using high quality nylon threads to provide strength.
  • High quality leather for the body to make it long lasting.
  • Shock absorbent padding.

Considering all these characteristics, RDX’s T1 Boxing Training Punch Paddles are any trainers dream paddles. Made out of full grain authentic cowhide leather that will last you and your athlete a career. These paddles are specially designed to make your training session worthwhile.

  1. Chest Guard

It is a known fact that chest is the most exposed body part after the face when it comes to boxing. To protect the chest, a good quality chest guard is a trainer’s best friend while training. Like other boxing coaching equipment it is equally important to invest in a premium quality chest guard. Give your chest the ultimate protection and at the same time turn your chest into a punching machine with RDX’s T17 Aura Body Protector, made of Kalix Skin – Combat leather that not only protects the shock-absorbent center of this highly durable product but also conforms to heat fluctuations picking up slack, or offering it when the temperatures change.

Gym owners, managers, trainers or home gym aspirants- if you are interested in any of the above mentioned products then you have come to the right place as they are available for bulk sale. Download our latest product catalog for more information.


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