You can throw a dozen of uppercuts or jabs when you are up against a real boxer in the ring.

But the key for throwing him on the ropes is not landing the similar types of punches one after the other. You need certain variations in your game to win it!

This is where most of the boxers go wrong!

Practicing the same punch over and over again until they become a pro at using it. Yes, learning the technique up to pro level is customary to deliver it right in the ring However, this is not the only goal that you should be focused on. Bas Rutten claims to have 80{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} KO rate when he uses combinations in his MMA fights.

You need to memorize and practice specific sets of punches beforehand, the combos.

But what makes any combo fierce? Is it speed? Or is it power?None of them!

If you want to land some effective combos in the ring, first you need to learn the basic guidelines.

Following are some tips and tricks to help you master your set of combos.

1. Force them into Corner or onto Ropes

Back your opponent up either onto the ropes or corner. This is a difficult one as most of them will take over the center of the ring.

These places are more vulnerable to your rivals as they have minimum chances for a safe exit.

Land your punch combos only when you have locked them into a minimum attacking area.

But if they even make a slight movement to exit, use this combo:

Hook: On the body in their direction of movement.

Straight Punch: To the head

Beware! Boxing Pro’s such as Floyd Mayweather Jr. or James Toney will land you in trouble when their back is against the ropes.

2. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

When we say that punch combos are all about numbers, it doesn’t mean that your boxing combo must have 6-7 boxing moves.

Try not to go above 4-punch combinations else it might lead you to become vulnerable to counterattacks.

Don’t throw some random combos unless you intend to become a mindless brawler of course.

Keep this one thing in your mind: each and every punch of your combo must be thrown with a purpose. Look at this example to understand the idea better.

Punch#1: Set-up

Punch#2: Split GuardPunch#3: Land Flush

Limit the punch combinations when your stamina is unable to keep up with the work rate.

Learn how to build-up stamina for your next fight.

  1. Aim for Body Shots

While confronting with the quick boxer, body shot is a perfect choice.

Whenever you are selecting the punches for your combo, don’t forget to incorporate some body shots as well.

Yes, a good boxer will hunt the rival’s head first. However, it is easier to land a punch on his torso to his utmost surprise. This unpredictable shot will leave your opponent in ultimate misery and pain.

A good example is:

Mid-range lead hook or rear uppercut

  1. Keep Your Combinations Simple

Don’t try to trick your opponent with awkward combinations!

Undoubtedly, there are two significant benefits attached to these weird combos:

  • Unpredictable
  • Difficult to counter

However, the odd combos are just like the double-edged swords. They are slower and guarantee your vulnerability when it comes to counterattacks.

Yes, if you are a pro at your different yet difficult combos, let’s say, a double lead hook followed by an overhand, don’t hesitate to break the rival’s jaw.

5. Jab Must Be Your Combo Starter

Last but foremost, this is the golden rule for every combo. Always try to start your combo with a jab against defensive-minded boxers.

However, the jab is not a one-fit-all. How?

At close range, it is not recommended to throw a jab as the distance is too small.

An ineffective jab is more dangerous as it is easy to counter and does only a little damage.

At close range, try to pick one of these:

  • Rear uppercut or
  • Lead hook

If you have used a jab as combo starter in almost every match, change it. Predictability is by far the most dangerous element in  boxing. Keep on altering the combo starter, especially lead punches.

Remember! When it comes to combos, you want more speed. It is advisable to use heavy gloves while training the combos. This way, it will be easier for you to perform the same combo with more speed and accuracy in the real fight.

Safety Tip!

Buy protective and fitness gear to ensure your ultimate safety in the ring.   


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